Sleep Training Tips for 7 Month Old Baby

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hi I'm Julie from baby sleep made simple

the video you are about to watch is me

answering a question sent in by a tired

mom on our Facebook live Q&A call I hope

you enjoy it first place to start is to

always start a peaceful nightly ritual

and so what that is it's a little bit

more than a bedtime routine it's a

series of activities that you do every

evening that will help relax your child

and settle them down for sleep they

really work you really watch your kid

settle on cue and the more consistent

you are the more you do it every single

night and you do the activities in the

same order then you really watch your

little one respond so well because they

understand even if it's a young baby

it's like their bodies and their brains

understand that it's time to sleep well

you really see that the majority of

children tend to be ready to fall asleep

around the same time every evening and

so in my excel so mom's survival kit

that's a huge step that we go through is

finding the ideal bedtime for your child

stick to your baby's recommended awake

times so the recommended awake time for

a seven-month-old is every two to three

hours I just been watching him casually

looking for him to show me some sleepy

signs and when I saw them then I would

give him you know the opportunity to nap

sleepy signs would include subtle signs

like just kind of his activity slowing

down his energy slowing down a little


losing interest in his toys or losing

interest in you kind of just staring off

in space and just sort of like zoning

out those are really subtle signs but

they're definitely sleepy signs and then

more obvious signs would be it's a bit

fussy he withdraws he might even rub his

eyes or his eyes might get puffy dark or

red those are a bit later signs so if I

saw those I would give him the

opportunity to not right away again when

you know that your nap windows coming up

prepare for it for about 15 minutes in

advance if you're at home take him in

his bedroom change his diaper maybe read

him a little bull cursing him a little

lullaby if he hasn't eaten in about more

than 30 minutes I might give him a quick

feed and then given the opportunity to

fall asleep within that time frame the

best thing that you can do is to wake up

your baby at the same time every morning

and I know that that sounds insane

I know that most moms are like no way if

we've had a bad night I want my baby to

sleep in I want to sleep in it's hard to

get up you know earlier than I want to I

totally understand all of that I'm just

saying it's a trade-off I would wake my

baby the same time every day that can

really lead to more consistency and

predictability to your days which a lot

of moms crave so write down for the next

seven days maybe ten days what time your

baby wakes up in the morning and you'll

see after about a week or two weeks

you'll see a pattern start to come out

even if they wake anywhere from 6:15

a.m. to 8:15 a.m. if you just write down

the time they wake up every morning

you'll say okay I know typically by 7:00

a.m. my baby's always awake so let's

start with 7:00 a.m.

once you've done all the other steps and

you've gotten like a rhythm to your

baby's days and you've started sleep

routines that help relax and settle down

but you're ready to take the next step

and really reduce down those night

wakings then what you need to do is just

teach them to fall asleep on his own and

there are a million different ways that

you could do this you could do this

super quick method you could do a super

slow method you know like a limited

tears method it really depends on your

child's age your child's temperament it

depends on your parenting style it

depends on how much time you have how

much energy you have so there's loads of

ways that you could do this and this is

what I walk parents through in my 21

days - peace and quiet program I give

parents range of methods that they can

use to help their little ones learn to

fall asleep on their own and sleep

through the night and then I hope we'll

pick a method if you have any other

questions feel free to post them and

I'll be happy to answer