7 Month Old Baby Sleep Tips

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hi I'm Julie from baby sleep made simple

the video you are about to watch is me

answering a question sent in by a tired

mom on our Facebook live Q&A call I hope

you enjoy it so what happens is if we

feed our baby to sleep or if we feed

them really really close to falling

asleep then they associate feeding with

falling asleep which means they need to

feed in order to fall asleep even if

you're not feeding her all the way to

sleep if you're feeding her and she gets

quite drowsy and then you put her in the

bed it could be enough of an association

that every time she kind of stirs in the

night and becomes even half awake or

fully awake she needs you to feed her or

to be there again with her in order for

her to fall back asleep so when the

exhausted mom survival kit when I show

you the peaceful night ritual

you'll notice that we take feeding and

we put it before books so we make sure

to separate feeding and falling asleep

by at least 10 minutes or more and

another thing I noticed is when parents

write to me and say you know my baby

falls asleep pretty easily at bedtime

but she wakes up an hour later you know

almost every night then that's a sign

that baby was put to bed too drowsy and

or put to bed too late I would make sure

she's fully aware that she's going into

her crib to fall asleep at bedtime so

make sure that her eyes were open still

that she's not already having her eyes

closed and is like drifting off make

sure her eyes are open and that you know

she is cognizant of the fact that she's

in trip and she's falling asleep they're

all babies and toddlers and adults we

all wake up throughout the night it's

completely normal but if your little one

is assisted falling asleep and when she

wakes up in the night her environments

changed a little bit and she's gonna

need you to recreate that initial

environment that you first had at

bedtime to help her fall asleep so what

you need to do is to make sure that that

initial environment is one where she's

in her crib falling asleep on her own

and even without you in the room I would

also make sure you're following awake

times of two to three hours during the

day just to make sure she's not getting

you know a little bit too overtired

which is making her wake more at night

because that can often happen as well so

stick to two to three hours my wait time

if she doesn't take the best naps in the

world go for shorter awake times every

two hours and at her age she should map


from two to three hours total during the

day and I would wake her up after her

total daytime naps have reached three

hours I would definitely wake her up

that's enough daytime sleep for

seven-month-old and the rest of her

sleep needs to come during the night so

that could be contributing so around

seven months sometimes eight months

babies developed the pincer grasp which

is their be able to grasp things between

their fore finger and the thumb and

what's great about this milestone is

they're able to take their pacifier and

put it back in their mouth by themself

so what I would do from now on I would

practice it during the day and I would

you know make a promise to myself that

during the day my baby needs her

pacifier that you don't replace it for

her instead you put the best fire in her

hand for her to replace it by herself so

do this all during the day then at

nighttime what you want to do is a

magical trick is take six or seven

pacifiers take a lot of them and

sprinkle them around the perimeter of

her crib and the idea here and I have

seen it work firsthand so many times is

he sprinkle the pacifiers around your

baby's bed like after she falls asleep

at bedtime

and during the night which she loses the

pacifier and rolls around she's always

going to kind of run into one and

because he worked on her replacing it

herself during the day she's just gonna

I can do him off at night if after a

week or so you think it's not working it

could be a sign that you need to wean

off the pacifier as a sleep prop but I

wouldn't go there now instead I would

working on her pet replacing it by

herself and sprinkle them around her

crib because that could set you up for

like another year or two of really

helping her sleep well more