How to Teach Your Baby to Crawl | 5 Tips and Tricks

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hey guys welcome to dad's dad if you're

new to my channel I'm just a dad giving

you a take from a dad's perspective this

is my seven month old son Leo he is the

star of the show for real

we talk about all things being a parent

being a dad and just giving you the

dad's perspective today we're gonna talk

about crawling so this little guy

started crawling right at six months

right basically right when he turned six

months it was like we woke up the next

morning he just started crying across

the room I'll say my five best tips and

tricks that we used to have your child

start to crawl and help them go from

showing you signs of crawling and giving

you crawling q-see literally turning up

and crawling across the floor Before we

jump in to my five tips and tricks to

help your baby you go from showing

carlin cues to really crawling across

the house like crawling everyone start

baby proofing everything I just want to

preface this by saying not a medical

professional and these were this the

five tips that helped our son we felt

moved from showing us crawl cues to just

really crawling right across the floor

but I'm not a licensed professional and

not a medical professional

these are really just for fun and I hope

you enjoy the video so let's get started

number one out of our top 5 tips to get

your baby to crawl are first and

foremost we noticed that for time tummy

time was key you see this you read this

everywhere it was on everyone's youtube

channel the doctor told us this our

friends our family our parents everyone

said the more time that your child gets

to play on the floor the more time that

your child gets to practice being on

their belly pushing up and rocking back

and forth and eventually pulling pushing

themselves up to a plank kind of it's

funny because it does

like little yoga positions and moves but

it's true they strengthen their core

they strengthen their back they

strengthen their shoulders their neck

and and really you just start to see

them progress very quickly the more you

do it my wife was adamant she started

doing this the moment we got home from

the hospital basically and as long as

you're you know healthy or baby's

healthy and clear to practice and tell

you they tell you pretty much right away

we started and we recommend if you're

looking to do that you should start to

our baby definitely just at first hated

tummy time like I think all babies do

but Leo was just a rock star and he just

really got stronger every day and we

noticed probably at the three and a half

month mark where he really started to

show interest in playing on his tummy

not for extended periods of time but

really starting to enjoy the time and

really starting to focus on toys and

things like that grabbing maintaining

his position there for a while I think

and I'll link these below but having an

having a really good play mat in the

beginning I literally would take one

square of the play mat put it down and

we would you tell me time on the one

square he would hate a gym that we would

pop down on the square so that under the

gym there was that soft foam and you

know he loved it in there he loved his

gym he loves playing on the foam Mac

I'll link it below we really like these

ones they're a little pricey but they're

really nice looking and we think he

likes them especially Mel he's a little

older the center pieces each have a

different animal cut out and they're

pretty large and so we'll pop it out and

he'll kind of like see that and play

with it and I'll pop it back and he's

like well where'd that go so that's kind

of fun

the second is toys so our son was

motivated by quite a few different toys

but we found that encouraging him with

toys and things that were of interest to

him really helped him along the way

so tip number two toys or anything that

your baby's fascinated

today I find that anything I'm into my

sons into so I'm on my computer my son

walks K on my computer if I'm playing

with my GoPro my son let's play my GoPro

I'm on my phone my son wants to play

with my phone the very first time he

ever crawled across the floor across the

room like a 10 foot room just crawled

square across the room was chasing after

my laptop number 3 so the boppie the

Bobby that my wife uses to nurse our son

still uses it today it's definitely the

most important tool one of the most

important tools that she has when

breastfeeding our son but if you put it

under their arms and prop them up with

it so it's kind of like a horseshoe you

will see that really gives them support

in that position makes them feel

comfortable kind of elevated up it was

really the first time I saw our son

mentally piece it together that oh I

might be able to do this without a

pillow there and it'd be fine and then

sure enough he really wanted to climb

over the boppie

so that's when he started turning his

legs so he didn't have to focus on

holding himself up he could just relax

his like part of his body and he could

really churn his legs and that's when we

really started noticing he would right

before he started crawling he would go

up on all fours his arms would remain

steady but his little legs would turn

and turn and turn we knew okay as long

as he could PCEHR in the arm part he's

gonna take off crawl so yeah the bothy

number three definitely helped our son

with prom number four try different

locations I know this sounds kind of

crazy and make sure you're supervising

in all these different locations but

instead of just focusing on the floor

and the mat take your baby on the bed

take your baby on the changing mat even

turn them over on their belly and see

what they do there because it's a place

to spend a lot of time at maybe they're

comfortable there our son loves his

Keith rupena changing that we turn would

turn him over on his belly and we

noticed he would really go into a plank

right away he just felt safe enough to

be adventurous and really force himself

up on a plank and that was pretty cool

to see I definitely in tribute

some of his you know ability to cross so

early and in the way he crawls in the

just like his technique to just trying

in different places on the bed I'll

build a pillow fort around him so in

order to get out of the pillow fort he

would have to crawl up and over it and

sure enough you know he started to make

you know make the mental connection okay

if I pull myself up a little bit and

then move my legs oh now I'm moved

forward and then you know slowly but

surely that definitely helped him piece

it together someone put it back on the

floor he started crawling number five

this is really important and it's

probably the most fun encouragement our

son would be very excited by our

reaction to him moving and crawling and

showing us crawling cues you again

cheering I'm talking like got the whole

family around the living room cheering

screaming and he doesn't really know how

to crawl yet he's just up on the poppy

just like moving his legs



our son is very motivated by

encouragement and by cheering and

clapping okay we even will play the song

applause by Lady gaga just for fun in

the background because we think it's

hilarious and so yeah we like to give

him encouragement and I believe that

when you kind of really show them that

you're fascinating and interested by

their movement they'll they'll want to

continue to do it and get that rise out

of you and it definitely worked with our

son so to recap number one floor time

tell me time number two toys number

three the boppie

number four trying different locations

and number five encouragement and I

think they're also in order from most

important to least important but

incursion is still my favorite so yeah

that's really it those are our tips and

tricks for getting your baby to crawl so

my five tips to having your baby

crawl as quickly as possible all right

guys if you like this video please like

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continue to put videos out from the

dad's perspective and we'll see you guys

next time