Teaching Multiplication of Fractions for 6th Graders : Math Concepts

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hi i'm rachel calif and today we're

going to be learning how to teach sixth

graders multiplying fractions so let's

look at two thirds times one over v one

v we multiply the top numbers two times

one is two and then we just multiply the

bottom numbers three times five is


the answer is 215 now things get a

little bit more complicated when we look

at fractions that have to be reduced so

let's look at 2/3 times one over eight

we have two times one is two

three times eight is twenty-four we get

two over twenty-four but that's not the

fraction in its simplest form so they

have to then reduce it finding factors

that go into two and twenty-four

well two goes into both two and

twenty-four so we divide them both by

two and we get 1 over twelve the way

that I prefer to do this problem looks

like this 2/3 times 1/8 instead of just

going right to multiplying we look for

numbers that share the same common

factor on the top and the bottom just

like we did here but before we're

multiplying so 2 & 8 both share the

common factor of 2 so we can take 2 from

both of them divide them both by 2 and

we get 2 divided by 2 is 1 I just like

to cross it off 8 divided by 2 is 4 now

there's nothing else here that shares a

common factor so now we can multiply 1

times 1 is 1 3 times 4 is 12 1 12 just

like we got there but this way is

simpler when you get bigger numbers you

don't help them multiply them all

together you can kind of reduce and then

go takes less time I'm Rachel and thanks

for learning with us today