Teach your kids these rules to prevent obesity

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hi this is dr. Kathleen Hallinan we're

still going with our weight loss vlog I

can see the questions that you post and

I try to answer them we'll try to answer

them so if you have any questions about

any of the things I've covered already

especially the phentermine seems to have

spark the most interest feel free to ask

and I'll try to cover it phentermine

again is very helpful to help you lose

weight in addition to diet and exercise

so try to do the diet and exercise first

and then if you really are getting into

a plateau or having a difficult time you

can absolutely use the phentermine

find a physician who knows how to use it

there are very few contraindications to

it and it's very well tolerated most of

the time do some people have side

effects yes but the vast majority of

people do very well so and when you get

down to the weight that you were

shooting for you can use it on a kind of

as needed basis you can use it only on

weekends or you can use it if you're

going on vacation if you know you're

just gonna need some extra help so play

around with that again find a physician

who knows how to use it today I'm gonna

cover some of the rules that we use in

my house for the kids because today

we're gonna cover what to teach your

kids about so they can stay at a healthy

weight this is it something near and

dear to my heart

kids shouldn't start off life with this

dogging them already so having to deal

with weight issues is something that

really we shouldn't be having our

children deal with so these are the

rules that I see as very effective good

rules and rules can be broken once in a

while but and here's my board again okay

so the first rule is no soda and I know

that sounds a little cliche but no sugar

sweetened beverages for the most part

you can have that there be an exception

for special occasions birthdays or if

there's something like just on weekends

or some minimal exceptions but for the

most part no sugar sweetened beverages

there's no nutrition and these why or we

shouldn't be giving our kids tons of

extra calories in sugar sweetened

beverages and if you drink only you know

120 ounce or a a day which some kids

drink more than that you know that's 25

pound weight gain in a year

that's tremendous even the little

hundred calorie ones that's ten pounds

of weight gained in a year and that's

for the little size one so this is a lot

of calorie load for kids so try to

eliminate that and keep in mind that

juice is just as bad juice has

oftentimes the same calories as soda

also very minimal sometimes nutritional

content in these juices you know fruit

juice was put by nature or God or any

whatever into fruit so that you would

eat the fiber in the fruit so we weren't

meant to squeeze all the juice out of

the fruit and just drink the juice

that's not how nature intended so no

soda no juice or if you're gonna have

juice cut it in half with water and so

drink water milk tea those are good

beverages sports drinks and okay but

even if you're really going all out

playing you don't really need sports

drinks unless you've been playing for

more than an hour so second rule is no

candy or no Kate of your sweets before

lunch that's a hard stop no junk food

before lunch once you eat lunch you can

have a little bit of dessert that's fine

small amount but nothing no junk food in

the morning for sure third rule is

portion control fortunate control we

kept their little toddler bowls and

that's what they have snacks and never

eat out of a box or a bag don't sit down

on the couch at the TV with a boxer bag

and eat out of that take a small bowl

put your snack in it and then put the

bowl put the boxer bag away

that's your snack so that's how we do

snacks and just need half I knew I had

succeeded with this my kids are really

brainwashed I completely owned up to

that I tell them all the time just take

half and it was very hot summer day and

my son went out he was about eight at

the time went out to the kitchen got

into the freezer pulled out an Ice Cream

Sandwich took at the counter cut it in

half and put the other half back so

great right that's what you're trying

for small portion sizes just have half I

brainwash them when they were very young

two three years old I used to tell them

the green beans will fix your boo-boos

which is true so I would tell them that

soda is gonna turn your brain to goo

which is kind of true so I mean you know

so the facts are a little soft but

ultimately there's still some basis

there and they grew up really

understanding that there's good food and

bad food I think kids respond much

better to the good and bad dichotomy you

know Harry Potter Voldemort I mean

that's very clear are there foods they

were kind of in a grey zone like should

you like is granola good for you so

sometimes in small portions but if you

eat a ton of it no it's not good for you

so I mean there are a lot of foods that

you can certainly argue could fall into

a grey zone as far as healthy for you

but outside of that there are certainly

a lot of foods that we really know are

good or bad for you so try to keep your

kids in a very cognizant of what's good

nutrition so and then sit down for

dinner there are some things that are

very highly tied to good weight in

children and sitting down for dinner

getting at least 10 hours of sleep and

less than 2 hours of screen time are

closely tied to kids having an ideal

body weight so those 3 behaviors very

important the sleep is sometimes

something that people forget about that

sleep is so crucial to kids having

normal growth patterns and not carb

craving if you're sleep-deprived you're

carb craving your cortisol levels are

high that's your own personal steroid

these are things that oftentimes drive

people to gain weight so make sure your

kids are getting good sleep it's very

important so we live very fast-paced

lives so this was again a little bit

different topic but I think very

important if you can teach them these

these rules ok so good luck guys you're

doing great keep up the good work any

questions put them up there and I will

try to answer them all right we'll try

to get to you next time some more on the

medication end of things all right thank