How To Relieve Gas and Colic In Babies and Infants Instantly

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hello this is Scarlett she's three

months but she was six weeks early so

she's about two months old adjusted age

and today I'm going to show you how to

relieve gas instantly in babies um I

found this method to be the best yes and

the quickest and most effective some

YouTube videos and some people like to

massage their baby's tummies I find that

her belly gets really tender and it's

not as effective and this is just

instant relief and it's better than

drops or anything always talk to your

pediatrician of course and always be

very gentle yes be gentle she's already

trying to do it so let's get started we

start with bicycle kicks and extending

the legs out does the bicycle kicks yes

see she really likes it and then we're

going to push the legs towards the belly

and kind of firm it till you meet

resistance see we're getting parked out

yes we did a bicycle kick

try to extend the legs all the way and

then getting a gassed out and uh she

coughs I remind you not to do this right

after they eat because it does push on

their little tummies and you don't want

to have to clean up a big mess they will

get sick so just kind of lightly press

until you meet resistance

just keep kicking bicycle kick ease

extend the legs all the way out as you

can see it's working and she even pushes

it out herself

and you can't really hear them all but

there's definitely stuff going on and it

seems like they're done are they done

let's extend the legs all the way out

one more time I'm just lightly push no

no coat no shoving I mean they're babies

so just be very gentle and it seems like

they're done and that's how we do it

here and as you can see she's a very

happy baby and she has no death anymore

so um hopefully that will give you some

sanity and help your baby stop fussing

and maybe get a good night's sleep and

really vaulted gas and be happy keiki

babies and eventually they learn to do

it themselves and it's actually really

cool and it's kind of funny too