How I Sleep Trained My 6 Week Old Baby! Sleep Training Tips

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hey guys so today i want to talk about

sleep training

it was my most requested video this

little lady

is sleeping 10 hours a night and she's

three months

say hey 10 hours a night 10

hours a night hey 10 oh it's a night

so when i talk about what i did to sleep

train her

and the tricks that worked for us so the

first thing i did was put her on a


i read the baby wise book and it really

maps out

a really good schedule for newborns and

i highly recommend it if

you are just like at a loss of how to

schedule out your baby's day

i think starting from day one is super


and trying to put them on a schedule

it's hard in the beginning

in the first four weeks but after

a month they start to get used to the

routine and you start to find your flow

so with london i feed her every two and

a half to three hours

she wakes up about 6 30 6 or 6 30 every


and then from there that's when her

schedule starts so every two

and a half to three hours she's fed she

has some

awake time some play time and then nap


so i don't follow the baby wise book to

a t i kind of like

follow we follow our own schedule but it

really helps me in structuring

a really good schedule for her and

having a good day schedule

really helps the baby to sleep at night

the next thing i do is have a strict

bedtime so her bedtime is eight o'clock

i'm not flexible on that at all

um it's to the point where eight o'clock

rolls around and she knows it's bedtime

and she starts to get fussy and she's

like i am ready for bed

when she was five weeks her bedtime was

ten o'clock

and then she started getting fussy

around eight weeks around

like nine o'clock so i raised it to nine

o'clock and then now she gets fussy at

eight so now she goes to bed at eight

and the last thing i do is have a

bedtime routine for her so we do the

same exact thing

every single night so when eight o'clock

rolls around

i give her a fresh diaper change her

into her pajamas

and we go into the room and i turn on a

red light

and red light helps to increase


while you're sleeping how to sleep

longer and deeper

and i introduced the red light to her

when she was five weeks

and it really made a difference right

away she slept longer

she slept five hours and then she would

do a dream feed

and then go right back to sleep for

another maybe

two or three hours and gradually her

stretches of sleep got longer and now

she's at 10 hours

so when i turn on the red light i just

feed her

and then she drifts off to sleep because

she knows this is her bedtime

and then i put her in the bassinet

and she goes to sleep until the morning

i do want to note that we have this new


and i highly recommend it i think it's

worth the money

it really helps her to sleep longer

it what it does is it's intuitive and it

will rock the baby if the baby starts

crying and help them

to put themselves back to sleep so using

the snoo and also having a routine

really help

to stretch her sleep longer sooner i


and we only use the snoo at night so she

knows the difference between her nap


and her bedtime sleep so when she's in

the snow she knows

we cannot see her until the morning


go sleep all the way to the morning yeah

she's too busy so those are the things i

did to sleep train her it is a process

and it's a gradual process

but i think starting early was really

helpful for us

and now she is a professional sleeper

if you have any specific questions about

my process leave them in the comments


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i'll see you guys next time