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you let them to sleep through the night

by six weeks stay tuned hi everyone my

name is Phoebe and today I'm just going

to talk about how you can create a

routine for your baby and help them

sleep physically so I'll get straight to

the point



when I Olivia okay I had had a schedule

routine for her and now that I had a

letter I had a little bit more

information about that so I read a few

books that help me or give me

information that I needed I didn't take

everything from those books so the first

thing that I do when I have my babies

and the first few weeks when you have

your babies you have so much adrenaline

you can do anything and you feel so much

energy but it wears off after some time

the tiredness gets to you so you wake up

your demand feeding and doing all those

things when baby cries you jump out of

your bed and you pick them up it's ready

it's your best child right I found that

having a routine or a schedule helps me

a lot

look after my family are more

effectively because I get to have time

and the baby is more predictable I know

that not everybody likes to have a

schedule or a routine and I just started

sleeping through the night at 6 weeks


and such a blessing that we can sleep

and I followed these tips and this is

what helped me I'm tip number one is in

the first two weeks when you first have

your baby

right down there awake times under sleep

times their feeding times just

collecting this data even if you're not

following a strict schedule will help

you when you actually want to create a

routine you have the starting point so

when you look at the information that

you've collected you'll find that your

baby sleeps at a certain time

maybe they sleep at 10 or crop you file

all the stupid temperature this time the

separate 10:15 10:00 o'clock 10:05 so it

seems like 10:00 is at point you can at

a time you can choose for a baby when

you're creating that routine that window

Westin instead of studying working

against that the natural routine you are

working with it cancer to be a smooth

transition so tip number two is knowing

that fate times and sleep times are

connected so if your demand feeding your

baby during the day they expect to be

demand fed at night so they'll keep

waking up expecting you to feed them so

when you first have your baby the

midwife's is going to tell you or as you

feed every three you feed every three

hours however if your baby is under way

then they haven't yet reached the best

way we do have can even tell you wake

them up to feed them so that they don't

go for long periods of time without

eating so if your baby has reached that

birth weights you can let them sleep

longer do whatever your midwife or your

doctor has told you this is just what

works for me so and I chose able to

sleep at 6 weeks because of all these

things that are six weeks through the

night because of all these things that I


you guys


so I made sure that my baby was said

every three hours or she was able to go

longer without eating and one of the

things even if he's crying or anything

like that naturally want to feed them

but sometimes you can hold them off if

they are really hungry order I know it

sounds really bad but it helps because

when they don't drink they will drink

they'll be efficient in their feeding

they'll mention that have enough and

then go longer without it which helps

them sleep better and eventually sleep

through the night so I think that can

help you hold them off is a pacifier I

know alleged Olivia grace but didn't

like it but she'll allege I've caught up

in persistent and it's also it sort of

it's sort of helps when he's crying and

I know that his feet time is coming up

soon I just gave it to him and told him

more tip number three is that make sure

that the baby wakes up at the same time

everyday and goes back to sleep at the

same time every evening so for Elijah

who except at 7:00 and goes to bed at

7:00 so I'm even if you don't restrict

routine just having an awake time to say

a consistent awake time in the sleep

time is so tough because at least it

helps you plan for your day as well

because if you don't have that then

every day is so random and you don't you

can't even better you can look after

your family well especially if you have

a toddler as well you have to put them

into account so usually when the light

is sleeping I can spend more time with

my little girl

and you can do other things and it helps

and also

having that is good as well instead of

we can randomly and then tip number home

you always put your baby to see when

they are awake or a little bit drugs

they don't let them fall asleep on while

breastfeeding and then take them to

sleep because they'll get used to that

you'll never learn how to take

themselves to sleep they'll always

expect you to either breast feed them or

rock them or bounce them whatever you do

to take them to sleep so make sure this

is very very important because it's nice

when they're newborns will fall asleep

if you put them in eventually the home

page will be very difficult for you and

sleep training to be honest it's very

difficult it's stressful even on your on

you or your emotions you don't like to

do your babies cry and all that you just

want to comfort them and be there for

them but eventually is good for both you

and the baby because the baby can see

anyway and everywhere there is because

the routine is so predictable you can do

more things be more productively there

for the baby when you're playing you're

playing joyfully you know it's not

you're not always that huddle or half

asleep because you haven't you haven't

slept all night or way out and the place

of eventual tip number four if you need

to know your baby's crying just because

a book you've read says you should put

you should let your baby cry out for 45

minutes or 20 minutes

I don't know then when the baby is crazy

that yeah mm-hmm it's not 20 minutes the

minute you land the Christ babies

usually cry when they're hungry when

they are sleeping when they're

uncomfortable and maybe they are


it could be sick you never know there

none of this is they make the time


so lengthens cry when a baby is in

distress you should let the emotion to

cry it's important to go and comfort

them to make sure that they're not sick

alright and if they're feeling there

were periods of time that they need more

attention than others but you go and

attend to them and because you've met

the cries you know when they're having a

cry of protest and then you you know let

okay just cry for a little bit and

they'll walk back to sleep

so if it gives you more information and

the more information you have the better

you can the better the decisions that

you make I guess number six is know that

babies have a 45 minute sleep cycle so

because they have a 45 minute sleep

cycle they wake up after 45 minutes but

typically but the baby naps from a

newborn baby to I don't know if it's six

seven month or eight Monday night from

about one point from one and a half

hours to two hours they're not last that

long so if your baby is crying after 45

minutes to give him another five minutes

they might take themselves back to sleep

okay so I'm trying to say I hope that

you found that useful so those are a few

tips just knowing those things and I

made this video as well as a reminder

for myself because it had been before

yes before I had another child and it

was like I had to get my hands I had to

remember again but having done this vide

I can look back and think on it

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