6 Week Old Update | Sleeping through the night?!

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hey hey you guys and welcome back to our

channel my name is Chelsea and this is

my first little baby girl her name is

Rae she's smiling I don't know if you

can tell but and we are here today to do

our six week postpartum and six week old

update for you guys so if you are

curious to see how we've been doing go

ahead and keep watching


okay Rey is fed and is probably ready

for a nap here in a minute but we're

gonna see how much we can do but I

wanted to have her in this video so you

guys could see her cute little face I've

been vlogging a little bit and doing

some I put a couple videos out since

I've had her but she has not been in

them much so we're gonna see how long

she lasts for this one she's almost

ready for bed okay um so let's just get

started with her update so she is 6

weeks old

6 weeks in like three days so a good how

many days is that 6 times 7 I don't know

42 plus 3 days 45 days well you're 45

days old oh my goodness so ray is doing

great she is such a good eater I'm not

sure how much she weighs right now but

she was 7 ounce 7 pounds and 10 ounces

when she was born I would say she's

probably at least 10 pounds maybe more I

don't know how much do you weigh we'll

find out when we go to the doctor in two

weeks we have a pediatricians

appointment in two weeks so we'll go and

and we'll see how much she weighs that

but yeah she's doing great she's

definitely gaining weight her little

legs I've gotten some chunk on them

which is so cute I love every day when I

change your diaper I'm like noticing

they're getting a little bit chunkier

every day so we are breastfeeding and

it's going really well I she is a pro

guys she just like latched right on and

was so good so she knows what she's

doing and yeah my milk supply has been

pretty good I've been able to get like

over 50 ounces stored up in the freezer

at this point

oh um pose over here with her because

anytime she makes a little fussy noise

or something he

if he comes over here and wants to like

soothe her I think anyway so yeah

breastfeeding is going well and I'm

trying to think I I don't think she has

any issues with it as far as like um

like my diet so like if I dairy she

seems to be fine broccoli those things

that they say you should meet I've

stayed away from chocolate a little bit

so I don't need as much as I usually

want to eat but yes so she's doing

really well there she has had a few

formula bottles just because in the

beginning my milk wasn't coming in as

quickly as I needed it to so she had

some formula and she does okay with

formula she definitely doesn't like it

as much as smell so because she has had

another formula bottle like a couple

weeks ago because Eric quatre and I

didn't have throat I thought milk so

anyway so she has had some formula but

she definitely doesn't like it as much

as breast milk um and I don't really

have a goal for how long I want to

breastfeed her I just from the beginning

haven't been like if if it's an easy

smooth process for us if it's you know

not too stressful on me or her then

we'll continue to do it as long as it

makes sense so I have no I don't think

anyone should feel any sort of guilt or

how they feed their baby because you

love your baby and you're taking care of

your baby and that is best so who the

heck cares you know like obviously

breast milk is you know the natural way

and gonna be probably better most likely

you know I haven't done all the research

on it but there are plenty of babies

that are formula only and they do

amazing and they thrive and they grow up

to be amazing human being so who the

heck cares how you feed your baby as

long as they're fed then whatever so if

we so yeah I have no goals we'll just

continue to do it as long as it makes

sense for us so she will take a bottle

which is great and we use the dr.

Brown's bottle

just because a lot of people recommended

those to me and she sometimes she

actually she'll act like she hates the


like she'll make the funniest face but I

don't know I think she's she'll take it

if she's really hungry and she does well

with it so I'm glad that she takes the

bottle because I actually have gone back

to work already and Eric stays at home

with her mostly I I work from home as

well so but on the days where I do I'll

go do go up to the office for meetings

or whatever it's so nice to be able to

just leave her with Eric and she's she

can take a bottle or when we've gone

like on a date or whatever and we've had

family watch her then she'll take a

bottle with them so I'm really glad she

will take a bottle and a pacifier and

there hasn't been any like nipple

confusion or whatever so she's

definitely growing

she's about outgrown all her newborn

clothes which is really sad so she's in

zero to three-month clothing and she's

about outgrown her newborn diapers I'm

pretty sure so we gotta start getting

her transition to size 1 diapers which

makes me sad it also makes me so proud

of her because she's growing you know

that's what we want we want her to be

healthy and she definitely is healthy

she had a bunch of baby acne the past

couple weeks but it's clearing up

finally yay we're so happy so rate is a

great sleeper and I owe it all to the

moms on call book that I've been using I

found it through an instagramer

that I follow and she was using it with

her daughter and her daughter's like

three months older than Ray so I did

some research and it seemed like a great

program for us so we have done it and

it's worked fabulously she sleeps from

about right now she's sleeping from 9:00

p.m. to about between 5:30 and 6 a.m.

she wakes up so I'm getting like a good

seven hours at least of sleep if I go to

bed you know around I usually try to go

to bed around 10:00 so it's really good

and we're doing great and I think that's

why I am recovering so well is because

I'm getting a lot of sleep and I think

that's why she's

a happy baby I mean she's so chill I

think that's her natural temperament but

she's such a happy baby because she's

getting the amount of rest that she

needs and so yeah I will link the moms

on call book in the description below

it's probably not for everyone do your


but and talk to your pediatrician but it

has worked so well for us I love the

schedule that it puts you on it works

great with mine and Eric's schedule and

we've had her sleeping in her crib since

two weeks old which has been great the

first two weeks were rough because it

there was a lot of on-demand feeding and

I just felt like a cow and I was just

really tired cuz I didn't know like how

much she should be sleeping should I

wake her up to eat that type of thing

and so I felt like I was just feeding

her about every two to three hours so we

still feed her about every two to three

hours but not during the night so that

has been very nice she's doing very well

huh and she's got like her personality

the past like a week or so has just

started to pop and it's how cute we just

love it she's found her tongue and she's

just making all sorts of cute little

noises we just love her so much

um one thing I will say I think helps

with her sleeping husband we always put

her down when she's awake still we don't

put her down when she's asleep

put her down when she's awake so she

knows how to go to sleep and then we

also put her in a halo sleep sack that's

been our favorite we've tried a few

swaddle me sleep sacks and just basic

swaddle blankets but she definitely

likes to be swaddled she'll fall asleep

right away but we the halo sleep sack I

think has been my favorite so if you

guys have if you want to see all my like

newborn favorites then let me know and I

can make a video about all the items

that we're learning and yeah so you guys

can see kind of what has been working

for us alright cutie you're gonna go

down for a nap okay and then we'll

finish this video I'll finish this video

so everyone say goodnight to Ray Knight

going down for a nap