My 5 week old baby is constipated. What can I do to help?

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a lot of infants have problems with

constipation but other times there's a

perception that they're having problems

with constipation if you suspect that

your baby is having issues here's a few

a few things to consider if you're

breastfeeding then your baby who's less

than six weeks should most likely have

at least three bowel movements a day

oftentimes babies at this age will eat

and then poop and then eat and then poop

so usually it's not a problem but as

they get older as their bodies start to

grow more rapidly many times they can go

a day or more or sometimes even a week

without having a bowel movement because

they're growing so rapidly and using

just every little ounce that they're

that they're drinking to grow if your

baby's formula-fed however your baby

should have at least one thousand a day

on most days

if your baby's excessively fussy

spitting up more than usual having

excessively hard stools if there's any

blood in the stool or there's a dramatic

decrease in the number of stools you're

seeing or your babies straining for ten

minutes or more without any success then

you should contact the doctor the

treatments for babies who are little

like less than six weeks are going to be

different than other infants and should

and any treatment should be supervised

by your doctor

so I recommend calling your doctor if

you if you think that there's a problem

I hope that everything goes well and if

you have any other questions for me feel

free to ask them on our Facebook page

and recommend it to your friends and

family too