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hi I'm Gail Berry from blossom and berry

and I'm channel mums baby massage expert

I'm here with SJ as part of our baby

massage a serious today's video is all

about how you can use baby massage to

help with colds and congestion so before

you watch this video make sure you check

out our baby massage 101 so you have

exactly what you need to get started and

we've also already covered colic and

constipation and teething which is a

really good one for me so coughs and

colds now yeah definitely so the whole

video series is designed to help you

with all of those things which you know

babies suffer from it can be really

frustrating it can be really

overwhelming so it's great to have these

practical techniques that you can use to

help to see them


so we're going to start off with some

strokes for nasal congestion what we

want to do is help to drain the nasal

passages to remove any mucus because

what happens is baby's nasal passage

it's really really tiny when they're

first born and so if they become

congested it's really hard for them to

clear that and they've got to rely on

either gravity or some easing so what

we're gonna do is some massage strokes

to move that that congestion move that

mucus through the nasal passages so they

can breathe more easily and obviously

because we're working on the face as

well nice clean hands short nails

because we don't want to catch baby's

skin at all the oil that we'll be using

is a vegetable based organic sunflower

seed oil or coconut oil and because

we're working on the face we only want

to use a tiny amount because we don't

want it to go into their mouth because

it's vegetable basis if if it does it's

not going to cause a problem we're going

to place our first finger either side of

the bridge of the nose so we go up the

bridge of the nose to the tear duct too

like that that's it back down under the

cheek bones keep going over the ears and

then here underneath the chin so that

makes it look really easy doesn't it yes

okay so now obviously the dolls are

gonna do what we want but try this on

their own okay it's gonna be a little

bit more tricky so either side here we

go art the bridge of the nose if you're

trying this at home

down under the cheekbones over the ears

and underneath the chin and again up to

the tear duct back down under the

cheekbones over the ears and underneath

the chin if this becomes difficult to do

the whole thing the other thing you can

do is just very firmly just stroke down

the nose but that would just clear this

part really to be effective you want it

to go all the way through we'll move on

to do a slightly different stroke what

we do is we're going to work just at the

base of the rib cage here with the flat

part of the fingers we glide up the

center of the chest like this that's it

lovely and then come around the

shoulders as if you're drawing a heart

shape and then we come back like that so

what this is doing is its relaxing all

the must

as the chess to encourage deep breathing

and if there was congestion here it just

very gently lifts and encourages baby to

you know get rid of that yeah so we can

do that one which is nice and then we

can also do a cross so we can go over

the chest and then we're going to just

glide back so this the upward stroke has

a little bit more pressure again because

you want to just loosen any congestion

in the area and that's pretty much it so

just some very simple techniques that

you can use in the day or at night when

baby wakes up if they're suffering from

colds and congestion just to kind of

help to soothe calm and make them feel

more comfortable so I hope that you can

try them out with good so thank you so

much for watching all of our baby

massage video series I hope you've

enjoyed it it's been really fun learning

oh it really has I I've picked up so

many skills really and you're gonna last

me a lifetime

brilliant and we'd love to know how

you've been getting on with all the

massage techniques as well don't forget

to pop a cross to the channel mum

support groups because they are so good

you can go in and chat other mums see

how they're getting on with baby massage

ask any questions you might have

thank you so much for watching leave us

a comment let us know how you got on

which your favorite bits were we'd love

to hear thank you so much bye-bye