How can we treat Common Cold and Cough in Kids during Monsoon | Dr Srikanth B. S

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with kids back to school and at onset of

monsoons colds and coughs are become a

common scenario in most of our kids so

this is a season where we see common

cold as it's rightly termed what is this

common coat common cold is a viral

infection caused by more than 200 types

of viruses rhinoviruses are considered

the most common it's a contagious

disease it stretched from one person to


usually it's sneezing coughing we call

it a droplet infection where the small

droplets they settle on the surfaces

when someone comes in contact with that

and he touches his nose and mouth it can

cause infection these viruses enter

through the mucosa in the nose and to

the throat and they cause a set of

immune reaction in the body which makes

the child to have the symptoms of cold

and cough so what are the common

symptoms of this disease child usually

has a runny nose a stuffy nose sneezing

never the Pskov develops fever body

aches headache child has you know

generalized distress with loss of

appetite so this makes with child not

eating well makes the put suppose family

into business so how long does this

disease lost usually it is two to three

days from the time a child comes in

contact with a person with coil the

symptoms start symptoms worsen usually

by day five it usually lasts for a week

sometimes it can go up to ten days you

shall will be very infected to the other

children between second to force to be

how can we treat this can be

common cold doesn't have any specific

treatment time cures on this well very

well applies to treatment of common core

but we do give medications to ease the

distressing symptoms of common code so

we would recommend home remedies

especially hot water with honey you can

give some steam inhalation plain steam

inhalations you can use nasal saline

drops to clear the stuffy nose you can

use paracetamol to elevate symptoms like

fever and body ache in children other

coming to the diet part of course we

don't have any restriction in diet but

giving warm food hot food usually suits

the child warm soups

even warm milk with little turmeric this

are some home remedies do help in

alleviating the symptoms of common cold

then coming to the prevention how can we

prevent common cold yet simple hygiene

matters so cleaning hands before

touching the nose and mouth 3:00 or

making a child with cold to sneeze into

a tissue or making the child sneeze into

his elbow rather than to his hands will

help in preventing on the spread of

infection also staying away from a

person with cold and when it comes to

infant babies who are fed by the mother

if mother's contracts are cold she has

to just cover her nose and mouth when

she's serving in close contact with the

baby she can use a hand sanitizer

every time before feet adjust the baby

now coming to the danger signs or when

to meet your doctor all common colds or

not serious

of course when child has a fever of more

than one or three degree Fahrenheit or

persistently for more than a day or you

feel child has an earache child has any

discharge from the year or when you feel

the child is vomiting out lot of phlegm

which is thick and you feel child is

having persistent vomiting and making

the child having dehydration then those

other times there

you need to meet your doctor there are

some myths about common point people

think not wearing a sweater in the cold

season or not you know this stuffing

cotton into their ears will make them

get cold or having a cold wet hair will

make them get cold but however these

don't have any scientific basis no

common colds are because of viruses then

becoming to using a chicken soup is

going to cure off common code no of

course there are some things dietary

guide contains which makes the mucus

thin and go out of the body but just

again not much of a scientific data for

this well drinking milk worsen mind

cold usually not milk can make it your

mucus thick but it will usually not

worsen the scenario of common cold so

common cold is nothing to be scared off

but it needs attention and as I said if

it worsen

then you need to make it out thank you