My 6 month old became constipated once she started eating solid food. What can I do?

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you mention that you have a

six-month-old who recently started solid

so you've noticed that she's become

constipated and many parents do notice a

change in their baby's stools when they

introduce solids they usually become a

little more formed maybe have a little

more of an odor to them and they might

go less frequently these changes are

normal but if your baby is excessively

fussy spitting up more than usual

goes a few days without a bowel movement

or the stools are unusually hard they're

coming out like little pebbles your baby

has to strain significantly to get it

out then the chances are very high that

she's constipated so of course that

leaves you wondering what do you do

about it you can give your baby some

juice apple and pear juice is known to

loosen things up and help babies pass to

a more easily up to three to four ounces

per day is totally fine you can also

call your pediatrician and ask about

giving your baby a little bit of water

because sometimes an increase in fluids

will help as well do keep in mind that

your baby is supposed to drink only

formula or breast milk can tell you're

of age but when things like this come up

it's okay to give a little bit of juice

or water now in your situation you

mentioned that your baby won't take a

bottle continue to try it and just offer

it to her put the nipple in her mouth

gently maybe drop a little bit on her

tongue and if she gets the taste for it

then she might be more likely to try it

because it's going to be pretty yummy to

her if you started introducing

rice-cereal first which is what a lot of

parents do then that might be the reason

why she's constipated rice-cereal is

actually known to cause constipation and

so are bananas and so try other foods

that are higher in fiber like prunes

apricots and peas see if this helps to

loosen her stool and it is best when

you're introducing solids to just give a

new food once every 2 to 5 days so that

you can watch for any signs of reaction

so if you haven't given her say prunes

before you could start today but don't

introduce something else that's new for

a few days just to watch for signs of

allergy in case they were to occur if

these suggestions aren't helping then

give your pediatrician a call and after

asking you more specific questions they

can give you further advice good luck

with everything and if you have more

questions for me in the future please

feel free to ask them on our facebook

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