Help Baby sit up

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hi guys this is Gina and I'm going to

share with you some tips and tricks to

help your baby 6 if your baby is about

seven months and hasn't shown any

interest in sitting you might want to

talk to your doctor so sometimes you

might have your baby laying down flat on

their back and you can see them start to

try to lift their head and their torso

up that kind of like a little crunch

that's a good sign that they want to

start sitting okay so grab your baby's

favorite toy or a new toy place the toy

or toys in front of them so she's gonna

grab the toy and see how she's leaning

forward now if she can't support herself

the leading floor it kind of supports

her own bodyweight so what I like to do

is I like to tickle their back in your

watch it'll kind of make her sit up

and it makes your slip up and have

better posture I'll show you the front


so I'm gonna give her back a little


see how she sits up it's good just to

sit your baby up and just kind of

support them you're so having them reach

for the toy in different directions

this can help you use their study

muscles just make sure that you're

holding on to your baby and that you're

there to catch them I'm gonna grab her

arms and let her pull herself up I'm

gonna guide her I'm letting her control

it you can also sit with your legs

crossed or when they cross so just take

your baby put your baby there and you

can let them play like this and it gives

them a little bit more support this way

if she falls backwards I'm right here

she falls to the side my leg is here I

can catch her my leg on this side I can

catch her and of course always be

prepared for forward you can comfortably

rest your hands on their knees see her

reaching for toy will help

if she's sitting and she wants to lay

down you're just gonna rotate her slowly



so you can get some little pillows like

this and you're going to just place them

around your baby kind of like under the

leg here behind the toes and that will

help support also unless they go forward

of course be careful this is one of my

favorite methods to use on the bed in

the morning when she gets up

I'll stick her up and I'll just put

pillows around her she can play on the

bed but then I know she's gonna follow

her she's going to land you know bed on

the pillow and she's got that little bit

of extra help

you can also get a neck pillow or a body

pillow I wreck the next tool because

it's both small here and so


so you can see it's giving her a little

bit of extra support but she's still had

to do a lot of it



okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video

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time bye