What does 5th grade writing look like?

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what does fifth-grade writing look like

you might be surprised at the essay your

5th grader can write these days their

ideas and the way they communicate them

are getting more and more sophisticated

take this example of an essay about how

to save water how to save water did you

know that bats use 37 gallons of water a

fifth-grade essay starts with an

introduction that hooks you with why the

topic matters you waste lots of water

everyday without ever realizing it

without water we would not be able to


neither would plants and animals and as

a thesis statement that tells you what

the essay is about there are lots of

ways to do our part in saving water

indoors and outdoors here are some ways

to save water indoors it also has

several examples from the reading that

support the topic in this case about how

to save water one way to save water is

to take shorter showers a shower uses 7

gallons of water every minute that's way

too much you can get a free low-flow

showerhead at your local water district

and save water another way is to turn

off the water while you are brushing

your teeth you can get your toothbrush

wet then turn the water off when you're

finished brushing turn the water back on

to rinse your toothbrush and mouth this

way you don't use too much water

lastly scrape your plate before putting

it in the dishwasher do not rinse every

dish instead

scrape your plate into the compost then

put it right into the dishwasher notice

that there is more elaboration in detail

in these examples than the younger kids

have this saves lots of water rinsing

off the dishes when they will get rinsed

in the dishwasher only turn it on if

it's full you can save lots of water

inside in addition to saving water

indoors you can also save water outdoors

one way to save water outdoors is to

collect already used water to water

plants I noticed that the examples are

all grouped into one paragraph about one

idea in this case ways to save water

outdoors if you are waiting for the

water to get hot collect the water if

you are not going to use and water the

plants with it this helps save water

because instead of wetting all the

unwanted water go down the drain you are

reusing it to water your plants

another way to save water outdoors is to

use a rain barrel to catch rainwater you

could use this water to water your

plants as well a rain barrel saves water

because it is it uses rainwater to water

your plants and not water from a hose

your plants don't need perfectly clean

water from a hose they can drink

rainwater fifth-grade sentences are

getting longer and more complex

their spelling punctuation and

capitalization has greatly improved but

most kids will still need to edit to

catch mistakes lastly use a broom to

clean the driveway not the hose if

you're going to clean the driveway with

a hose

you're wasting gallons of water with a

broom you can clean your driveway

without using any water there are many

ways to save water outdoors and finally

a conclusion that restates the thesis

and tells why saving water is important

we can all save water indoors and

outdoors water is a valuable resource it

doesn't come whenever we need it we

should only use what we need let's do

our part to save water so how do you

know your child's writings up to snuff

well by the end of the year a fifth

graders writing will have an intro with

a simple thesis statement examples from

the reading that clearly support the

thesis a conclusion and improving

spelling capitalization and punctuation