Finding Your Voice From a Kid Who Had Stage Fright | Eamonn Kennedy | TEDxStJosephsSchoolYorkville

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I really can't believe them up here


just a couple years ago I had a terrible

stage foot how are they concerts nope

reading in front of the class forget

about it off I go so now for me to be

able to stand in for him and lure a

TEDTalk well I think that's a really big

deal and me being able to find my voice

is exactly what I want to talk to you

about today and why it's not just point

for me but for everyone to learn public

speaking and find their voice public

speaking it's often listed as the number

one fear in the entire world

few more than death think about that

more people would rather die then just

speak now our teachers probably say we

talk too well

way too much but everyone has a voice

everyone in fact there's a really

amazing TED talk by a woman named

priests of Gaza priest talks for her to

sex on piyah doctors said pion would

never speak after years of trying

everything police have finally found

what's called the RPM method a method

where doctors use letters are a letter

board to help autistic children

communicate and in just a couple of

weeks time finally typed I want anyone

who sees this to begin to shift their

perspective and have more belief in all

of humanity so whether our voice has

been silenced because of circumstance a

few I don't really know but if it's here

I think that's a little weird

none of us started out afraid of

anything so I think I must have crept up

on us along the way but if we stay

afraid I don't think we've learned

anything at all

Sir Ken Robinson someone who speaks on

education says there are three main

principles in which human life

flourishes individuality creativity and

curiosity and he says that schools like

Finland that help students express these

three traits have an almost 0% dropout

rate compared to America's almost 35%

and that

actually what public speaking helps us

to do it helps us to build individuality

creativity and curiosity it helps us to

flourish but rather in America were

drenched on achievement and don't get me


achievement is important we all know we

have to pass the tests shoot the baskets

score the goals we need good grades we

know that and we have every one of you

to remind us of that again and again and

again but those basically require us to

fill in the same boxes shoot the same

baskets public speaking is more of an

art that lets us express things we don't

always get a chance to express it's

interesting in Greek in Roman time the

art and skill of public speaking was

considered essential it was actually

taught until the 1950s but it was pulled

out but today I'd argue we need it more

than ever because how fast the world

moves were being trained for jobs that

won't even exist yet everyone is asking

us what are you gonna be when you want

factors normally knows but we know we're

gonna have to communicate online in real

life whether were quiet or talkative

after 10 micron athlete still holds true

now I don't have any Studies on this but

I'm guessing most adults want us to be

happy kind itq human beings yes right by

show of hands who wants us to be happy

kind articulate human beings rather than

unproductive mean lumps I know you all

get mad less because you think we have

our heads dug into our phones and that's

a little bit true but we are

communicating constantly which means our

voices are monocyte than ever

otherwise it's like playing game of

basketball without knowing where the

bass guitar if you don't have the core

skills not gonna be able to play very

well if you learn to find your voice and

express that voice you learn that you

matter you learn that you're good enough

you learn that even if you get knocked

down you get right back up you learn

that you're OK exactly as you are my mom

always says when we believe in our

selves and support others anything is

possible and we won't be here today

doing a TED talk if that wasn't sure but

we did believe in ourselves not just us

entire community was pulling for us and

something amazing happened this happened

something no-one thought we could do not

for a group of middle school kids but

here we are sharing ideas in a way that

we will hope create a better world and

inspire others to do the same and look

at some little superstar that did that

kind of thing

Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King jr.

my answer each who used their voices and

United entire populations look I'm

guessing those kids were once 12 years

old too right yes don't worry Martin

down the street were elected into office

so why can't students today do the same


Casali a boy with autism but someone

believed in him and helped him express

his voice Eamon Kennedy a boy who once

hated to get on stage but someone

believed in me and helped me express my

voice if we don't silence our voice and

share it with compassion and empathy I

think together we can create a better

world my name is Jamie Kennedy and thank

you for listening have a wonderful day