ADHD 101 - Why Kids With ADHD Need Different Parenting Strategies

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hi i'm aaron qi and felder gonzalez i'm

a psychologist with the pro clinic at

Seattle Children's Hospital outpatient

psychiatry and I'm going to talk about

why children with ADHD need different

parenting strategies than other kids you

may be saying I'm doing all the same

things that other parents are doing I

use the same types of ways of rewarding

my child and using consequences and my

child's just not responding the same way

and you're right they aren't going to

respond the same way because their brain

is processing information differently

than other children so you're in the

five to ten percent of kids who really

need a different strategy in order to be

able to take that information and use it

to change their behavior so you may

already be providing great parenting for

your child but when you have a child