Woman’s 20-Year-Old Cyst Finally Gets Popped

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when I was a teenager I'd hit my head

and developed a bump and grew to about

the size of a large marble over the

years I did start noticing that it was

gradually growing bigger within the last

two years I noticed that it just grew

out of control about the size of an egg

I'm still paranoid about it showing I

sort of just clipped this part of my

hair you know over to the right side and

make sure it's in place at least once

every hour I'm constantly asking my

husband is it popping out makes me

extremely insecure to get this removed

with just it would be wonderful this

definitely looks like a pile our sis

tear and pile of sister like a little

balloon under the skin it's as if your

own skin sheds into the sack under the

skin these kinds of growths are very

common and it kind of runs in families

the good news is they're not


let's just take it off this is gonna be

fun I love it I heard that you have a

name for this yeah usually named these

yes you're my family called it Arthur

we had one name Kramer say bye to Kramer

goodbye Craver and we have another one

that we named Felicia

it's like crowning Felicia so I got

extra gauze here on my tray we got our

splash masks on and we're ready to go

some of it is liquefied but some of it

so soft

that's all skin macerated skin meaning

wet scalp skin and now we're gonna tease

around perfectly to make sure I get this

SAP out people say it's like a cheesy

content but it's just skin it just get

over here is 20 years old sister always

bigger didn't they look there's the

inside of the volcano there so I'm gonna

close this up they feel lighter I do a

little bit actually will give you a

little moment to say goodbye to our

thorough search for little remnants we

kind of mashed him up thank you so much

and it's gone the pathology results

ended up coming back and it is indeed a

pile our cyst

this is a benign growth this is a huge

weight lifted off her shoulders


hey college you know that was that was

there for a long time you know it was

easy to conceal until you as you could

see in the video I would pull my hair

back and whatnot she was easy to conceal

into the last year it just ballooned and

it got super big although I know it was

hard for you to watch that wasn't there

a part of you that was thinking good

riddance yes absolutely and you know

it's it's a shock to see it from this

point of view because I don't you don't

see it when they're operating on you you

are when they're working on you dr. Lee

loves popping these things can I take a

look and see how you're doing the

sutures came out this week and you know

the scalp typically heals so so yeah the

fine line is healing very very nicely

it's not infected so and we're so glad

desert that you got to take care of she

did something very smart which was

Desiree had talked to numerous doctors

knew this was benign but as always if

something a bump is Bob and you get it

checked out thank you dr. Lee she

couldn't be here today

Desiree thank you as well