Social-Emotional Learning & Development (4-5 Year Old) | Emotional Intelligence for Kids

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hey there and welcome back to my channel

if you happen to be new here my name is

Nicole I'm an intentional parenting

coach as well as a pediatric

occupational therapist a mama to a four

year old and five months pregnant now as

well as a certified lactation counselor

and so this channel is geared towards

helping you understand and navigate

motherhood and child development and

today as I mentioned in the intro I want

to dive into social-emotional

development because it's so important it

is the foundation of all aspects of

development and with so many important

events happening in the world around us

especially here in the United States

many parents are grappling with how to

lead their children through these

complex times so I wanted to break down

some important milestones that are

happening between the age of 4 and 5

years old as my kiddo is a little over

four years old to help give you context

about what our kiddos are able to

understand and the place in which we can

lead them from so one really important

major milestone that comes up between

the age of four and five years old is

our little ones ability to show some

sort of awareness around moral reasoning

so they're beginning to understand the

idea of good versus bad and along with

that they're starting to understand the

concept of fair versus unfair and I

mention this in a prior video but I

think that these two pieces are so

important because of what is happening

around racial injustice in the United

States and around the world so this is

like a great beginning point to start

having the conversations or reading the

books or including our children in

peaceful protest and allowing them to

see and experience what people do when

social injustice take place in our

society so another really big social

emotional developmental milestone that's

taking place around this age is

understanding or awareness around other

people's feelings which is so huge

because this is the foundation for

empathy and compassion for others along

with this they're starting to build

deeper friendships and maybe your four

or five year old even has a best friend

at this point but all of these pieces

come together beautifully to have these

conversations because our little ones

are starting to feel for others and

understand their feelings paired with

their ability to navigate right versus

wrong or fair versus unfair I believe

again just around the four to five year

mark is such a great place to have these

conversations as they are

developmentally appropriate for our

little ones so some other really

interesting developmental milestones

that are taking place in this area

between the age is your little one may

have an increased tolerance for

frustration so they might stick with a

game or a task or an activity longer

than they had been able to before so

they're able to sort of self-regulate

and control the feelings of frustration

or anger more so than they would have

been able to in the past which allows

them to continue trying and building the

muscle for endurance or persevere in

your 4 or 5 year old is starting to

listen more when other people speak on

the other hand they are starting to

maybe express themselves more show more

independence or even be demanding in

some areas so they're really really

gaining that sense of self their needs

versus other people's needs and their

desires versus other people's desires

and confidently speaking about what it

is they want what it is they believe in

and naturally exploring or pushing

boundaries that may have been

established alright mama so those are

some of the major milestones that are

taking place between the age of four and

five years old in the realm of

social-emotional development

I hope this helps guide you again in

terms of having more complex

conversations with your little one

especially during these difficult times

if you have any questions or comments

please feel free to leave them below

thank you so much for watching and I

will catch you in the very next video