Controlling Emotions: A Lesson from Angry Birds

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Oh stinking pigs

I hate those pigs I'm so angry at those

pigs I'm so angry I could just smash on

antebrachium beds I don't know what to

say we were just really angry at them I

don't think of myself as a bigot but

when it comes to pigs we've always just

aided them hey ya think yes so awesome

you're nothing that slingshots just for


oh they think they're so cool cuz they

can fly and cuz they can regulate their

body temperature without soaking and mud

but really they're just omelettes with

wings you know what I'm saying hey we're

not gonna let you talk to us that way

pigs prepare to feel my wrath yeah

you're gonna regret messing with this

one seriously angry bird


where is he let's go in one I thought I

was angry when I saw that helpless

little blind piggy all that anger just

flew away I guess I just realized that I

don't have to be angry that it's

actually a choice pretty deep for brain

the size of a jellybean huh what


where's that angry bird oh he flew the

coop here let me help you down before

those nasty birds come back and the rest

is history birds and pigs put their

anger aside and lived in harmony working

together to build complex machines for

blind pigs to get around easier