Know Your Emotions

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emotions they tell us if we're feeling

happy or sad they let us know if we are

angry or frightened okay you already

nervous so let me ask you a question

what are you feeling right now as you

start to watch this video are you

excited to learn something about

yourself maybe you're distracted by

something else

so how are you feeling right now

I City been important and how can we

measure our emotions let's explore that

on this episode of rocket kids I'm

Morgan and let's get this started


emotions are part of being human we all

have them and they can change throughout

our day sometimes our emotions are super

strong like when we get really really

mad wait I have something right here

that can help us see exactly what I mean

I'll be right back

this is my emotion intensity chart this

is how it works super strong is up here

super mild is down here so we may be way

up here when we are really really mad or

way super excited about something here

our emotions may be seen much more

easily like we may frown or even lash

out if we are super mad we have a giant

smile on her face and jump for joy when

we are super excited down here our

emotions are what I call super mild like

when you're just relaxed and quietly or

reading a book here we may not be

showing anything like facial expressions

of body language so they may be harder

to recognize but there's still emotions

maybe the intensity of your emotion is

in between these two extremes so that's

my chart and now that we know our

emotions can land anywhere from here to

here let's take a quick look at emotions

and what they really mean emotions let

us know what we are feeling and help us

know how to react remember when you are

a baby no me neither

but I have seen pictures this is me as a

baby when I was a baby I couldn't tell

how I felt

so what did I do I would laugh cry or

cuddle up with my mom that's how I

express my emotions but as we grow up we

start to understand these emotions and

can put them into words here are three

important things we should know about

emotions one the emotions come and go

most of us feel many different emotions

throughout the day

some lasts just a few seconds others

might linger to become a mood - there

can be many emotions they can be mild

and tense or somewhere in between the

intensity of an emotion can depend on

the situation and on the person 3 there

are no good or bad emotions but there

are good and bad ways of expressing

emotions learning how to express

emotions in acceptable ways is a

separate skill this is called managing

our emotions here's what we want to

remember we all have emotions it's a

part of who we are but just like

anything else in life when it comes to


practice makes perfect make it a point

to notice all the emotions you're having

and how it makes you feel remind

yourself there are no good or bad

emotions but how we express our emotions

is super important so how are you

feeling now that you've watched this

video maybe you can make your own

emotion intensity chart and measure your

emotions did you learn anything about

emotions let us know down in the comment

section we would love to hear from you

that's the show I'm Morgan this is

rocket kids and remember to always be

your best self