Feelings & Emotions Activities for Kids

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hey hey guys it's Christina from the

purple alphabet and today we are talking

all about emotions so I have made these

two cards a happy and a said card if

you're starting off talking about

emotions with children I would recommend

for the younger ones to stick to just

two so in this case happy and sad would

be your basic ones right I printed these

out on the computer from the little

smiley faces on line two and then just

printed them out and laminated them next

I found a whole bunch of pictures from

the internet and printed them out and

then lemonade in them as well and you

can do this with magazines you can do

this with pictures that you take of your

own children have them make happy faces

or sad faces and and then laminate them

as well and then I'm just making this a

sorting game so which face is happy

which face is sad and we put them in the

respective piles or if you're using

baskets and now you can talk about

emotions and your child will begin to

recognize them the next game I came up

with I would went ahead and printed out

different emotions on these little cards

I cut them out laminated them as well

and I kind of expanded just upon the

happy inside and added and silly sleepy

angry and scared and so now it becomes

an acting game so what I would do is

turn them over although mine are a

little bit see-through but if you used a

heavier card stock yours will not be

see-through and then you can play a game

taking turns so you pick a card and you

can act up the emotion and then just

take turns turning them over and acting

them out so this is really good for

children to be able to recognize

emotions and have a name for what they

are feeling it helps with communication

so that they can recognize what it looks

like when they are happy sad sleepy

angry and the great thing about this is

you can add as many emotions as you wish

depending on the level of the child and

you can expand and build upon it if you

want you could even find a corresponding


then just print it on like this and do

your matching game like that so if you

had you know the sad with the picture

that could be a card and you can explore

motions that way and then lastly not too

long ago I showed you how to make these

DIY dry erase face cards and basically

I'll put that link in the description

box if you want to go back and see how I

made these but they are great for

drawing emotions so you could use those

same cards and when you pick one you can

have your child draw what angry looks

like and I'm not a good artist but you

can definitely draw in on the face and

talk about the emotions of what angry

looks like sad you could have tears that

sort of thing and this makes it a little

bit more interactive and fun for them to

draw what these look like as well so

there you have it guys just some really

quick ways to start the introduction of

emotions and feelings with your children

with some just really simple and easy

things that you can do right away at

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the comments how you talk about feelings

at your house now if just matching the

cards is too easy for your child and use

something a little bit more difficult

also in the printout included is a set