3 Tips to Raise Self-Confident Children

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the way you talk to your children is the

single greatest factor in shaping their

personalities and their self-confidence

hello I'm Brian Tracy and today I want

to talk about how to raise children who

are happy healthy and self-confident

every parent's dream raising happy

healthy self-confident children is a

much more difficult job than it seems

but by gum it is really possible I've

studied this topic for many years and

I've even developed programs and

speeches on this topic which I have

given worldwide in multiple languages

what I found before I had my first child

and I have four children and five

grandchildren now is that there are

certain ways that parents respond to and

interact with their children that help

ensure their success in life the first

thing parents with happy and confident

children do is to ensure that their

children have rules children want and

need rules they need structure within

which they can grow as a parent you want

to establish communication discipline

and obedience without coming across as a

third world dictator whether you realize

it or not your kids want you to make the

rules for them they expect you to care

and nurture and teach them believe it or

not subconsciously kids want you to

provide a set of guidelines so that they

will have some structure in their lives

so they know what to expect

and so there is consistency some parents

make the mistake of trying to be friends

with their children or not establishing

firm guidelines because they fear that

their children will resent them for it

this is simply not true and it's crucial

to give them the stability and the

structure that they both need and crave

the second thing parents with happy

self-confident children do is to empower

them to make their own decisions when

they know what the rewards and the

punishments are for any given situation

your kids will build self-confidence

it's through making their own decisions

and they'll make good decisions they

will be empowered to make decisions and

take responsibility for their actions

they need your guidance and direction

they need your care and your love and

you need them to listen to you and

follow the rules so that you'll both be


the third thing parents do to raise

happy healthy self-confident children is

to talk to them in a certain manner the

way you talk to your children is the

single greatest factor in shaping their

personalities and their self-confidence

the foundation of self-confidence is

self esteem self esteem is defined as

how much you like yourself or how much

you respect yourself when children are

growing up they have no self-concept

they have no idea of themselves who they

are and so on so they take on their

whole beliefs about themselves from

infancy by the way they are treated by

the most important people in their lives

their mother and their father so if you

want to have a great impact on your

children constantly feed them positive

reinforcement never criticize your

children this is so important

destructive criticism negative criticism

is the greatest destroyers of

personality in the world my children I'm

happy to say I've never been criticized

my parents criticize me all day every

day but my children not once never

complain about your children

either to them or to other people always

tell them how wonderful they are always

build them up always be understanding if

they have problems in life remember you

did far worse things than they did when

you were growing up always tell them how

good they are and how smart they are so

that the most important person in their

life is always laying down a

psychological foundation of self-esteem

and self-worth that will lead to the

self-confidence they will need when they

grow up now raising well-rounded

children can be tough especially in

today's hectic world the good news is


if you are a dedicated parent and you

provide them with the tools they need to

succeed especially the psychological

emotional tools you will not only ensure

that they will be healthy but they will

also be happy and self-confident now

before we wrap up I'd like to leave you

with a thought to share with your

friends and followers here it is the way

you talk to your children is the single

greatest factor in shaping their

personalities and their self-confidence

now I'd love to hear from you what do

you do for your children to ensure they

become self-confident individuals leave

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