how I sleep trained my 5 month old in 3 days

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hey guys welcome back

so today i'm going to finally be doing

my sleep training video

on how i sleep trained kaiser my second

son in three days

at five months old we sleep trying

carter pretty much the same exact way

but i didn't document it

the same way i documented kaiser so i


all of my notes down right here exactly

how each night went

and it was surprisingly very seamless

and i just thought i have to share this

with you guys because it could possibly


for those of you guys that also aren't

getting any sleep right now so kind of

just like a foundation

on my thoughts about this technically we

use like the cry it out

ferber method although i haven't really

fully done my

like entire research on that method i do

take like bits and pieces

from that method plus kind of like my

own thoughts on it basically for me i

didn't really feel comfortable

sleep training before the five month

mark because i just never had kids that

were like

two weeks old and slept like for six

hours at a time like my kids just never

did that

they always would wake up at that two

hour mark three hour mark four hour mark

to eat and they wanted to eat no

questions asked and so

i didn't really feel comfortable like

not just having them cry it out and not

feeding them when i thought that they

were hungry and then when i would give

them a bottle they would like

rush and eat it because they were so

hungry and so i just didn't feel

comfortable doing it before then

for just like my own reasons but five

months to me

was the perfect time to start in my

opinion for my kids with the information

that i knew it only took three days

which was

amazing and so

great so basically we started out he was

in a bassinet in our room

and then we moved him to carter's room

to sleep in the crib because

the bassinet is pretty small and he

started to roll and

he just wasn't comfortable in it anymore

it was way too small for him we moved

into the crib and carter's room carter

got like a big boy bed

and it just wasn't working because

carter would be so loud and was always

waking him up

and we know that in toddler sleep is

super important but also

when they are infants it is extremely

important that they're getting the rest

that they need and they sleep a lot

and so i didn't really like the idea of

kaiser being in there because i felt

like he wasn't getting the deep sleep

that he needed because carter was always

waking him up so then we have carter

back in here and we actually put him

in the closet like right where our door

is it's a really large closet if you

guys like watched our vlogs or anything

we show it sometimes

um but it's really large and we figured

it's really quiet and dark

and that could be like the perfect place

for him

because when he was in the bassinet in

here anytime we would like open up the

door go to the restroom or like toss and

turn in the middle of the night he was

always waking up from that noise

and so i just thought the closet would

be like really quiet and dark we never

like fully closed the door

with him in there we would just have it

cracked but it was like perfect

for a little bit and then we were just

kind of like we didn't feel like he was

making that much of a difference

so we ended up moving him back to

carter's room now they share a room

and we've just had to make it very clear

to carter that he needs to

be quiet while his brother is sleeping

and not wake him up because

carter obviously didn't realize like oh

my brother's in here now like i want to

play if i'm awake

and kaiser would be sleeping and the

next thing you know like

carter's like shaking the crib and stuff

so we just have like told carter hey

if your brother's sleeping you have to

make sure you're quiet and like be

mindful that he's sleeping

got the hint and now he is super quiet

and knows like okay if my brother's

sleeping then

i can't throw stuff in the crib i can't

give him blankets or toys or anything

like that so

the transition with that was actually

really good and they've been sharing a

room for

two months now and it's been great we

sleep trained when he was five months

and now he is

almost eight months so he's been

sleeping through the night this entire


anyway i think that's pretty much all of

the back story i think my biggest

tip is you have to make sure that your

baby is getting the proper amount of

ounces of milk we formula feed so i

guess this might only apply to formula

fed babies but

i always would make sure that he was

getting the proper amount of ounces

in the daytime before he went to sleep

so that

if he was crying in the middle of the

night i would know okay he already got

the answers that he needs

he might be crying just out of habit or

just because he wants comfort or to be

held or whatever

but i would know that for the most part

he's probably not hungry

and so i think that's a huge key just

making sure that your baby is getting

the answers that they need in the


so that at nighttime they're not waking

up because they're hungry for me i just

gave him

the bottle an hour earlier in the day

and then would feed

like every three hours after that and

like squeeze in that last bottle

right before bedtime if i had to if that

meant that he got all the ounces that he


now he only takes spore bottles so

that's very easy to get in

um throughout the day it's just like

every four hours basically and

it works perfect so back to sleep

training this is kind of how it worked

for us

i have everything that happened

throughout these days written down so

that you guys can kind of get like

an idea of how it was for us and

yeah so day one he went down at 8 30 p.m

which is pretty normal bedtime for him

and then he was normally waking up at 12

30 in the morning and i would just go

straight in there

give him a bottle and he would eat seven


but this day on the first day he did not

wake up he slept through that 12

30 a.m time which is really weird

because i was even

like programmed to wake up in the middle

of the night at 12 30 and go feed him

but he didn't wake up he ended up waking

up at 2

30 in the morning which was a huge jump

from 12 32 to 2 30 he showed me that he


sleep a larger amount of time without

waking up which was

key he woke up at 2 30 cried a little

bit i went in and changed his diaper

um and he cried for 10 minutes i let him

cry for 10 minutes hoping that he would

go back to sleep he didn't

went in it changed his diaper and gave

him a pacifier

and then he woke up at 5 30 in the

morning cried for a few minutes i went

straight in and i fed him

and so the fact that i didn't feed him

at 2 30 just really showed me okay he

can sleep from 8 30 to 2 30

without being fed but he's probably like

hello mom you've been feeding me

seven ounces a little night he's

expecting it and so

that showed me that he can sleep a long

amount of time without getting a bottle

and then he woke up at 7 15 caleb went

in and gave him his pacifier because he

normally wakes up at eight in the


he eventually woke up for the day at

nine in the morning so his schedule kind

of got thrown off

but i think it's because i did give him

that bottle at

5 30 in the morning so he was probably

like well i'm just gonna take my morning

nap right now i'm already here

so that was it for day one day two he

went down at nine p.m so a little bit


he woke up at one in the morning i went

in there gave him the pacifier

tried to get him to go back to sleep he

woke up at 2 30 in the morning same

thing gave him the passive

fire try to get him to go back to sleep

and i don't believe i let him really cry

at all at this point and then

he woke up at 2 50 in the morning i fed

him and he only ate five ounces which he

would normally eat

seven to eight ounces at that time so i

was just kind of like

maybe i should have tried to give him

the pacifier one more time just to see

if he go back to sleep because he didn't

even finish the bottle

and so i think this is when he started

to realize okay i'm actually maybe not

that hungry i really made sure that he

was getting all the answers he needed in

the daytime

so that he wouldn't be hungry so i don't

think he was actually hungry i think it

was just out of habit

and then on day two he woke up at 8am

for the day which was great like right

on schedule

day three he went down to bed at 8pm he

woke up

from 1 40 to 2 in the morning and i saw

him on the camera and he was just in

there like talking and babbling and all

that so i didn't go in there he woke up

at 6 30 in the morning

and he was crying so caleb went in there

and gave him the pacifier

and then he woke up for the day at 7 40

in the morning so that was obviously by

far our best day because

i didn't know that he was up in the

middle of the night from 1 40 to 2 a.m

talking until i checked the camera like

when i got up in the morning

so he slept from 8 to 6 30 in the

morning which kayla went in there and

got him

and so i slept from like eight to eight

which was like

amazing and so that was like our huge

celebration because we were like


that's sleeping through the night like 6

30 am some kids even wake up for the day

at that time

our kids do not because that is just

like not our schedule

but that is sleeping through the night

and that was a huge celebration for us

especially him being in the room with

carter and carter not waking him up or

anything like that and then

day four i tracked it just in case it

was like a fluke and was just like

i got lucky with that so day four he

went down at 8 00 p.m

um woke up at 9 30 and he's actually


so we gave him a medicine because he'd

been kind of fussy

and then we put him back down at 9 50

and he woke up

at seven in the morning so another full

night's rest

he yeah he cried at 9 30 because he was

getting fussy and teething and we

noticed that the whole entire week

but he had been pretty much fine

and sleeping a lot so

i mean that was it it was super easy i

was so surprised because

with carter we definitely there were way

more tears

than this the sleep training process for

carter was

very difficult for him we did the

i guess this would be like more the

ferber method i'm not sure honestly

but we would put him down get him to

like learn to self soothe

and let him cry for five minutes go in

for like two minutes and just like rub

his back

pat his belly and like try to get him to

calm down walk out and then let him cry

for another two minutes or

however much time you feel comfortable

doing it is kind of what we did

because i just could not like hearing

your baby cry it's like so hard to

listen to that

so anyway that is pretty much how we

sleep trained in three days

kaiser is just an amazing sleeper he has

been since the beginning

he never like slept in the night in the

very beginning or anything like that but

he would always

let us put him down to go to sleep and

that was another thing that i made sure

to practice because in the beginning we

got in the habit of having him sleep

in like the snuggle me organic on the

couch in the living room

and that made him not want to ever sleep

in the bassinet so i think when he was

probably two months old

i was like okay well we're gonna want

him to like sleep in the crib eventually

and in the bassinet

so we need to make sure that he's

comfortable with the bassinet so my goal

was to at least have him

take a nap in the bassinet once a day in

our room

so that he could get used to it and he

definitely fought it a lot in the

beginning and just like didn't want to

didn't want to sleep there was like a

lot of back and forth going from the

living room to our room

back to the living room back to our room

but eventually he ended up being like

okay this is just how it's going to be

he always wanted to take his naps in the

sunken organic he didn't really care to

be held

when he slept which was great carter on

the other hand always wanted to be held

when he slept

and so i think that this might be why

sleep training was a lot easier for

kaiser because

when he goes to sleep he wants to be put

down anyway and he wants to be


and have the fan on and he just loves

his sleep so

that is how we sleep trained in three

days i hope this was helpful to you guys

if you have any questions you can leave

them down below

also i'm always answering raises dms on

instagram so

you could possibly get a hold of me

there if you have any questions and i

will try to answer them

so that is it thank you guys so much for

watching and i will see you guys in the

next one bye