5 Month Old Baby - Sleep Tips, Awake Times & Baby Gas Relief

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we have one more question that came in

on Instagram and that one is from amna I

think is saying it right Amna so on has

a five month old and she wrote in saying

what wait times do you suggest for a

five month old throughout the day and

also do you have any suggestions on what

to do when burps are suddenly causing

issues despite no change in my baby's

feeds she won't sleep or she will wake

up after a sleep cycle shrieking because

a verb is stuck oh well I'm sorry to

hear that she's having this discomfort

and pain first I'll go over the awake

times and then we'll talk about painful

gasp so for a five-month-old the

recommended wait times are one and a

half to two and a half hours if your

child doesn't sleep well in general then

typically shorter or wait times are

better if your child's sleeping quite

well then you can push it up to the two

and a half hour mark the first for any

age the first or wake time of the day so

for a morning wake up to the first nap

tends to be the shortest surprisingly

they need a short wait time for their

first one and then it can gradually get

longer throughout the day so that

usually assuming they've napped decently

or well during the day the last a week

telling the day between the last nap and

bedtime that can be the longest so you

could start out with your first awake

time of the day being one and a half

hours and your last time getting up to

two and a half hours your five-month-old

should take anywhere from three to four

naps a day and again min nap lengths are

going to vary that time for your

five-month-old should be between 7:00

and 8:30 or about two and a half hours

after they last woke from the nap and

again you want to keep it within a

30-minute window for a five-month-old I

would expect one to two night waking and

when we talk about nine wakings we

basically mean night feeds so I would

expect to one to two night feeds if

you've got a five month old that you

know hat fat and happy and has always

had great growth and nutrition and your

doctor's like this kids amazing and off

the charts a lot of those kids can get

by with one night feed but a lot of them

still need to nighttime sleep hours

should be about 9 to 11 hours for your

five month-old and the total sleep in 24

hours should be about 14 to 15 hours now

for the Cure specifics on what to do for

painful gasps all of a sudden so I would

just say like

really wrack your brain to make sure

that nothing has changed recently I

assume these changes are recent this

waking up with painful guests nothing

has changed for her nutrition-wise

in the last week or two so if she's a

formula fed baby is she taking the exact

same formula that she always had with

absolutely no changes if she's a

breastfed baby is anything changed about

your diet have you recently started

taking some supplements or drinking

something what kind of tea or did you

eat something crazy Andi has anything

changed in your diet recently she's five

months old you may or may not have

started solids or you know creams or

cereals purees if you have then I would

definitely look at what you've

introduced there any type of table food

or solid food after every single feed I

would make sure that she's upright for a

good ten minutes and so of course she

can be like patting her back but she's

quite well which doesn't necessarily

need that but just make sure she's in an

upright position for at least 10 minutes

after every feed and this would include

during the night feeds as well because

that could really help some trapped gas

come out what I would do what I would

recommend is getting some tummy massage

going so definitely at bedtime you want

to lie her down on her back and you want

to just go in how's this gonna work

clockwise motions on her tummy just

gentle ginger you can get some like baby

lotion or coconut oil or olive oil make

sure your hands are nice and warm after

bath time and you can just rub gently

clockwise circles on our tummy and you

can do this for several minutes because

that's the flow of digestion and so that

can help to loosen up any trapped gas

and then you can also take her little

legs and you can gently bicycle so take


bending each leg and pushing it into her

tummy and holding it there five seconds

or so and then do that with the other

leg we call that bicycling the legs and

I would do that for a few minutes as

well and then I would sit her up and

that might help her work out some of

that gas and also during the day when

she's awakened happy definitely true

have her practice some tummy time

because being on her tummy and just

having a little bit of pressure pushing

down can really help to relieve trapped

gas and you never know trapped gas that

appears at bedtime or during the night

could be from eating earlier in the day

if the problem persists

going on for a while maybe two weeks or

longer then you could also speak to your

baby's doctor about starting a probiotic

probiotics are really really helpful a

lot of parents have had a lot of success

with relieving colic fussiness and also

trapped gas so you could talk to your

doctor about if this is a good idea for

your little one and what brand that they

might recommend and then I recently came

across this kind of cool baby gadget

being a baby nurse I was super

fascinated with it and I'm dying to try

it out on a baby if you've got a baby

for me to borrow but it's called the

windy a lot of parents have told me and

I've also read recently online because

I'm following this product they say that

it really is it's magical it's called

the windy and it and it really really

works wim di so you can check that out

too this is becoming a chronic problem

for your little one so I mean I hope

that those tips help let me know how it

goes and please let me know if you find

success and and and which tips were

really helpful because it's great if I

can get good feedback