How to take a Spelling Test like a 4th Grader

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hi students

here is another edition of how to take a

spelling test like a fourth grader

so we are doing our spelling test on eng

for this week so what is the first thing

you think you should do on your spelling


you should first write your name so on

the top right hand corner you're going


say your name so for example i'm going

to say ms schultz and you can even say

what type of spell on tests we're taking

so we're taking the

ing the a-n-g


omg and then you could even write

today's date

if you want to for extra credit

okay so let's go over

your 10 spelling words so you can use

this video as practice if you want to

pause when i say the word and write it

down and then you can keep

on playing the video once you bring down

that word to see if you spell it

correctly this is a great tool to use as


practice spelling test if you want

but also gives you guys a good layout of

how you should label your spelling tests

in the future when you move on

to upper grade levels

so the first word

you want to talk about is saying


well i'll give you guys advice so a lot

of our words are going in


and o-n-g so the

the real the real important factor that

you have to study for is the beginning

of each word so you have to focus on the

beginning sound


what what flutter makes the sound

okay now your next word is going to be


bang um

all the books fell down on the bookshelf

and it made a

bang noise bang

it has that aim sound so you know bang

is going to probably end in

a in g but one likes the

sound the letter b

your next word is going to be king


now we know ing is going to end in

ing so what makes the k

sound king

it's going to be the letter k

okay number four is gonna be ring

ring ring

ring well ring and king sound very

similar so

ring ends in ing as well because that's


end sound but what makes the r

sound ring ring

it's going to be the letter r

ring ring

now we're on to number five number five

is gonna be

the ing thing

thing so it has that ink sound

right so it's probably most likely going

to end in ing which it does

and going back to the diagraphs we

learned about we learned about the cha

sound the sh sound the f sound

what makes the th sound the


if you said the th you are correct


number six is going to be la

long long

yesterday was super long long

aong la ong

what makes the aung sound ong

we have aang we have we have

ang we have long

long it's the o and g

now what makes the l sound

the l l on


number seven song

song song


now song also ends in


so we're going to put on down well

but what makes this sound what letter

makes this

like kind of like a snake

it's going to be on

song okay on to number eight

number eight is going to be long long

we have lungs in our body long



well lung and you and

cause long has that sound but what's the

beginning letter of

long what makes the sound

it's gonna be l

long long

now we are to number nine number nine

is gonna be hung hung

like i hung a poster

of um the care bears in my bedroom

la hong


now aung is going to end in u and g

but what makes the ha sound

it's going to be h hang

now we have number 10 and of course you

could put three stars on the side

or in the back of your paper for your

bonus words but usually we have 10

um spelling words but last last but not

least we have the spell word sung

sung like i like

uh my best friend's song her favorite



well sung is going to end in

u and g because it has that sound

and song but what makes this

sound what letter makes this

sung sung

so again we have the spelling word sing

bang king ring

thing long song

lung hung and song

and then of course we have three bonus

words and you put three stars

for our three bonus words and you could

find those on a different video

on youtube i'll catch you guys next time

and if you have

questions about any of your spell words

please don't hesitate to reach out

thank you so much