How I EASILY Grew My 4B/4C Hair In One Year! | Storytime

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thank you for coming back to Lehtonen to

another video and if you're new hey girl

so today we all know why they're here we

know that you're here because you saw

that thumbnail and you was like there is

absolutely of no way like how do you go

connect to that within a year it's so

crazy I think I go with my hair my

kitchen my faith being that short for at

least two leaders were born and I

remember just thinking like my hair is

gonna be like this the rest of my life I

don't know how to get my baby to grow in

like I was literally freaking all the

way out so I just want to give a little

bit of back sword years ago I had my

hair cut off had like little short pixie

cut and I bleached my hair before I

literally done everything from my hair

and at some point you know I cut out the


and then I started to let my hair grow

and somewhere in between that time my

name just didn't catch up and I never

kind of put two and two together you

know I was wearing wigs a lot and

everything like that so I never really

thought like okay maybe it's the band

from my wigs that's cause I'm I heard

not to grow I never ever thought of that

I just I just thought my hair just

wasn't growing until last year I you

know something search because I'm

literally like the Google clean like I

will google anything and everything if I

have a thought that pops into my head

I'm gonna google it just I don't know

why than that I just do that and you do

that to let me know so I'll go here but

anyway yeah so one day I was googling

some stuff I'm really trying to figure

out like how do I get my name to go in

and a lot of people were just given like

basic advice I guess just you know

moisturize your hair whereas a cat or

what is it hair tie or whatever with

your hairstyles and you know but nothing

ever said you know take a break from

wearing wigs or you know just where we

nurture more to your natural hair not

just throw it away

like tied up and keep it out the way

nothing when we gave you instead of how

to get my name of grow until you know

I'm Rita some people's comments if

somebody says you know if your hair

isn't growing you will

completely clogged but if your hair

isn't running you're going to have

growth but you just navigating the lint

not like okay so I have some hair you

got a saw in my thumbnail but it just

wasn't retaining the lint so that's not

and I'm like okay I can you know I've

gotta figure how to retain Flynn some

googling net how do I retain my hair

land again there wasn't really anything

that was standing out like it was just a

normal once your hair oil is the same as

moisturize but you get what I'm trying

to say it was just literally

moisturizing here wheres exponents use a

second pillowcase but nothing ever

talked about taking a break from wearing

wigs or maybe the band from your wig is

rubbing up against your hair etc etc

after I do all of that I believe one

thing goes by and I'm sitting in my bed

and I'm like okay what can I do to get

my hair girl like what can I do and it's

like in that time span I'm like figuring

out my hair proxeny my hair tight mine

just everything like how to take care of

all of this all that it's right here I'm

trying to figure out that's when the

lightbulb goes off so I go into the

bathroom and I'm like okay I got some

eco-solvent will I got to be jail like

let me figure this out so basically the

whole back of my head it's much of my

head I'm like chill it up so I literally

just threw gel in there combed it down

that's not my hair it probably wasn't

even or anything to try to retain that a

little to help it to grow so I was

literally at that awkward stage like for

years like that picture took that

picture two years ago and I'm so glad

that I did because I was like so ashamed

of my knees and like I couldn't do so

presses I couldn't do anything without

this big old gap in the back of my head

so my hair will is then it was literally

a mess

so pretty much I put the gel on there

calm the gel down and I put a scarf on

so I do that oh but the first thing I

did too before I chose it is I took a

wild growth oil and I'm

that back there massage stood and put a

little bit of water and then I'm put the

gel because some people were saying like

oil your hair but something in my head

was like well let me put some water too

as water is a good fun moisture as well

so I think that you jump it up and put

the scarf on and then I let it dry so

when I let it dry

smart-bomb it was like rock solid back

there but I'm like alright you gonna see

what happens so I put my wig back on one

about my day

yeah about a we gonna have two weeks go

by and by that time like I made a vow to

myself I'm not gonna mess with the chill

back there I'm just gonna let the joke

sit and I'm not gonna pick I'm not gonna

be trying to check to see if I get broke

in two days like I was like imma just

leave it alone

so if I we can have two weeks go by and

by this time it's time for me to you

know my way so I take the wig off and I

start filling in the back of my hair job

my hair maybe like from my finger to

here it was a lot of rubber fly it was

probably about that much bro so when I

did that guy I started like jumping

around I was so excited and literally I

was like oh my god I can braid my hair

now like I had enough hair that I could

a nice try Dorothy you know I understand

so I you know wash my hair and

everything I'm super excited i braid it

up and I'm actually able to break the

back now and to remind you it was like

this much hair that was not growing in

it was so much and I was so many oh my

god so pretty much upgraded and then

literally after that it was all she

wrote and now I want to show you guys

how long my hair is a year later so this

is how long on hair has grown since then

after not being able to get in the world

or do anything with it or a possible

amount of years now let me show you this

right here is

so I just wanted to show you guys but

it's very possible to get your main

character girl it's just not growing and

it's like I kind of had like an

excessive case honestly truly of course

they hear those closer to my neck it's a

little bit shorter too just for one take

a cut break I'll go back some wigs if

you can especially if they have a big

band that is the first step the next

step would be to always moisturize your

hair with flour oil that is literally

like the best oil that I was able to use

from my hair and it worked wonderfully

and also spray your hair with water

water is your best friend

always always always moisturize spray it

with water use leave-in conditioning

cream just anything to keep your hair

moisturized so that way it can retain

the blend and it was pretty much that

simple so I hope you guys enjoyed this

video make sure you give it a thumbs up

also let me know if this video

any type of way I'm super excited for

you all enjoy natural hair and make

Jeremy and I wish you guys