How to teach a child to write their name Easily!

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hello everyone so here we are with Emily

and today we're going to show you how we

talk our three-year-old to write her

name Emily is three years old she's

turning 3 about two months ago and today

we're going to show you how we easily

taught her how to write your name and

how you can easily teach your children

to write their name as well I'm going to

start off by showing you some prewriting

exercises to get the child to have good

pencil control and to understand the

concept of chasing and make lines and so

let's get started I'm gonna zoom in the

camera a little closer so you can see my

prewriting cards that I created and that

you can create as well let's go okay so

here we are at Emily's desk and these

are just index cards that I laminated

and I drew some lines so to get the

child to start tracing with their

fingers I put a little X I would tell

the child start at the X and follow the

line with your finger this is a great

prewriting exercises to get the child to

understand tracing and doing horizontal

vertical lines wavy lines the child will

try to stay on the track as much as

possible we have wavy lines we have

straight lines horizontal vertical lines

we have some zigzag line circles very

important to teach children how to do

counterclockwise circles because

counterclockwise circles is the way that

we write a lot of letters here we have

another six leg and we have this

different cards here to get the child

into this concept of tracing okay Emily

do you want to demonstrate you want to

go ahead and start over here go ahead

and start we'll hold it down for you

start at the X and then trace with your

finger very good let's go to the next

one go ahead and trace with your finger

stay on those lines and how many did a

lot of this last year

but this is a good starting point go

ahead Emily with your finger very good

and once the child has gotten the hang

of doing these cards you can move on to

a prewriting workbook that I have

created that you can download for free

for your children and I'm going to show

you in just a minute what we have inside

so you got the point of these cards once

they have done these cards and they

understand the concept of tracing with

the fingers then you want to give them a

pen a dry erase marker and then give

them the prewriting workbook let me show

you the prewriting workbook

okay so here's our prewriting binder and

I've used this with all of my kids

things about seven years old pretty old

and I always start off with circles so

counterclockwise circles tell the child

to stay on those lines as the car is

driving around then I go to lines so we

have a lot of lines tracing lines that's

the first step then I've created some of

the stickers which I put some stickers

and then drew some lines for the kids

you could do that yourself as well

anything that you see in this binder

you're going to be able to get for free

you guys because I have a free download

here we have going from one ladybug to

the other and again a lot of here you

see a lot of tracing a lot of prewriting

vertical lines horizontal lines then I

go to slanted lines here we have blue

writing squares and then we go to zigzag

lines and you're gonna be able to get

that download for free if you go to the

description box of this video then I'll

be here I have a cool man workbook that

I have cut up and and the child you can

put in laminate protectors or laminate I

find Lambda Chi protectors to be a lot

easier and you have the child a lot of

pre writing staying in those lines they

look absolutely love doing that

okay so Emily you wanna come demonstrate


okay so here we are back and so I have

shown you how to start providing

exercise with your young children with

the prewriting cards and then with a

prewriting workbook once the child has

established good pencil control they can

trace lines they can stay in a path you

want to move onto a dry erase board and

you want to start off letter by letter

of their name so let's see Emily let me

get a marker here and you're gonna copy

what I do already we're gonna show our

friends okay ready let's get started so

you were sort of letter by letter so

let's do a lot of here first

so the letter he has one long line one

long stick and it has three lines coming

out of it one at the top one in the

middle and one at the very bottom so

let's do that one long line then three

lines coming out of it one at the very

top one in the middle and one at the

very very end there's your English or

friends your e so here we have the child

copying and that's very important at

first when you're starting to do this

you want to keep doing that same letter

over and over once the child has done

that letter of their first name and you

want to move on to the second letter of

their name so I'm like now I'm gonna do

an M so the M is two mountains ready one

mountain and two mountains your turn

let's do your app let's do your run

right here next to my do one mountain

and then another mountain okay right

next to each other right here ready and

go to them one mountain and another

mountain and you don't want to expect

perfection right now it's really

important that you don't expect

faction as you can see this is her am

this is my am now Emily we're gonna do a

little line what a dot on top which is

the I look a little line we look down on

top let's see if you can do that little

line where they dot on top very good

there's Emily's little line and now

we're gonna move on to the lvl is just

one long stick can you do that one long

stick one long stick very good Emily

and now the why the why is your gonna go

down up and then give it a tail and

that's a why can you do that let's go

you go down then you go up and then why

has a tail so you gave it a tail very

nice a short friends and here's Emily

doing that the why then you want to have

them do their full name once they have

learned all of the letters

go ahead Emily into your full name Emily


okay so I hope you have enjoyed the

video on how to teach your child how to

write their name once you have taught

them how to write their name on a dry

erase board and it doesn't have to be as

big as this but you can get a small dry

erase board you can move on to tracing

their names so here I have in her

writing workbook every day she does her

name tracing and I'm gonna link below

where you can create your own tracing

page for your children so that they can

start tracing their names I hope you

guys have enjoyed the video if you want

to see how I teach children to write the

alphabet the entire alphabet go ahead

and comment below and let me know if you

guys want to see that video as well I

also have another video that I made on a

whole tutorial on how to teach children

to write and I could also link that

below for you guys in the description

box I will link everything that I

mentioned in the video

Emily can you say bye bye

by into the next time