OCD in a 3 year old

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this is Rafael he's been diagnosed with

OCD here is one example I did open up no

you did it it's open no it's not this

was open look look it's open there's

this chocolate pudding right there well

open you mean this right here no right

here right here yeah you want me to take

this off this off this yeah are you

gonna be able to eat it if I don't take

it off you did take it off again it's

completely open raffia you can eat it

not yes yes yes no you can eat it right

now not yet no no good uh-oh

oh don't pick it out you're not gonna

take it out it's open if it wasn't open

I wouldn't be in the trouble of honey

look no you don't do that is a droplet

pudding get your spoon and put it in

there I got I got it yeah

okay now eat it no yeah after I open


it's it's open there's nothing there

look look look on the other side look

underneath of it say there's nothing

here it's a lip you could cut it off and

it wouldn't matter because your

chocolate pudding is in the middle of

see ya later

well you're violating my finger there

okay go ahead and eat your chocolate

city you don't

I think you'll be just fine don't you do

you think you'll be just fine yeah all

right take a bite I want to make sure

it's open all the way take a bite no it

really won't happen because we're trying

not yet we're not we're not trying to do

that okay we're not trying to do that

we're just we opened the pudding

we opened it it's open you can put your

spoon in it and you can put it in your


yeah and that little piece of paper is

not going to control your whole life no

it's not yes it's really not it's


dad chill don't think about it you know

just eat your chocolate pity don't think

about that piece of paper nobody cares

about that piece of paper money yeah we

just care about the chocolate pudding

right you know Carol that chocolate

pudding we care about the chocolate

pudding no we don't we don't care about

that paper that paper has nothing to do

with us it's just being there and wants

to be left alone so leave it alone and

eat your chocolate pudding is it good

yeah I love it yeah yeah

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