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between the ages of 2 & 3 children go

through rapid development in their

speech and their language skills perhaps

your child is too and you're the only

one that understands anything they say

or they're three and a lot of their

words just still sound quite strange

when speech and language therapist talk

about speech we're thinking about how

you say you words when we talk about

language we're thinking about the ideas

that you have in your head and you can

express ideas through spoken words

written words but also through like

gestures and signs and pictures so this

video is about speech sound it's about

how you say you words and I'm going to

do another one that's about language so

I've split this video for you into three

parts in the first one you're going to

see video of my daughter when she's two

and a half and you can hear speech sound

things going on for her that are really

typical at this age what I'm going to do

is point out to you the things I'm doing

that research tells us how clear speech

to develop and lastly I'm going to tell

you a few things you might want to look

out for that might suggest you want to

speak to your healthcare provider or

speech and language therapist or

pathologist if you're in other parts of

the world about your child's speech and

language development show you a video

now of my daughter when she's

two-and-a-half and you're going to

notice that she's really difficult for

me to understand so I'm relying on my

knowledge of her experience what she's

trying to tell me and some guesswork to

work out what she's saying when you have

a listen to some of the words so listen

to how she says horse and cow and flower

then there was the horse's nose

yeah I always use this the hostess ears

you're asking to make mommy

Martita you found the cow it's got a

flower yeah oh look that's a nice flower

yay can you smell it

Oh beautiful so that smells nice can you

make me clown laughs get down or you

want me to make the cow

I'll make the cow and you made the dog

did you notice how she called a cow a

town and a horse was a and a

flower was a Feder so what was I doing

to help clear speech to development I

was spending time interacting with her

but without any background noise because

to be able to speak clearly you have to

hear clearly so if we have any concerns

about a child's speech and language

development the first thing I always ask

for is a hearing test and we were taking

lots and lots of turns so sometimes she

was taking her turn using a word but

other times she was showing me something

or she was using a gesture and research

tells us it's this turn taking it's

children who take more of these turns

that go on to have better language

outcomes you're gonna see those two

things plus another thing in the next

clip that I'm doing lots of and that's

repeating back but I'm giving a bit of

umph to some of the sounds that she

misses or the ones that she doesn't get

quite right

I'm not correcting her and I'm not

asking her to say it again I'm just

giving her the opportunity to have

another listen to how this at the word

would have sounded

Oh horse okay okay

I don't oh you're gonna do the pig are

you gonna make the pig you need both

halves then to make the pig who sought

pigs at the farm yeah we went to the

farm and we saw pigs so she we did get

chickens which is teaching us at the

farm you fed the chickens too remember

brother around your feet when you got a

bit scared yeah you felt a little bit

scared Ruby was there who that's right

Ruby came with us so hopefully that's

given you an idea of things that are

typical at this age along with some

things you can do to help their speech

to develop here's a checklist of reasons

that you might want to talk to you

health care provider or a speech

announcer Pistor pathologist and well

one is that your child age two and

they're not yet saying twenty words or

that they're three and you have to

interpret for everybody if your child is

using sounds that you wouldn't typically

hear in your language or you're

concerned that the speech just isn't

getting clearer over time I hope this

video has been helpful remember I'm here

to help you get the most out of life for

language and for learning if you like

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