How To Teach A Child To Read In One Month (A 4 Year-Old Can Read)

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what sex good job how's the right three

hi very good hello everyone this is


each her mama of Sophie and Xiang last

week after we posted the video of Sophie

while reading her first book on her own

we received several messages from

different moms asking how we did it so

for today's video we would like to share

our reading journey from the very

beginning up to the actual day when

Sophie officially showcased her reading

skills I was inspired by the different

promotion ads I have seen online there

are different schools or centers

offering that they will guarantee that

in two weeks they can teach your child

to read but since I am here and

available to teach my kids on my own we

decided that we will do it ourselves

instead of paying for someone else we

officially started last April eighteenth

up to May 21st so approximately it took

us one month we didn't have an exact

plan duration when we started I do not

want to stick on the two weeks idea

because it will cause too much pressure

to my daughter so our one man journey

was based on Sophie's own level of

development and we followed her own

facing same us with our other videos

like on how to teach a child to write

this tips that I will give you may or

may not work as much as it did for us

but we hope that it will somehow help

you to finally start your kids reading

journey too so now to know the six steps

on how to teach your child to read

please keep on watching

okay we will now study the sounds of the

members okay tell me first what's the

first one was a little enough what's the

sound good

what's the letter e what's the sound

good job

what's the letter C what's the sound

good what's the letter


suction is identified you tell mama

what's the word how do you found the

picture and then tell me what word which


it starts gave me by slit of the way we

watch the first one enough starts where

the sound of the first letter Kappa okay

legit good job it's more literally very

good what's in our next one enough

what's the picture

caterpillar very good what's the sound

what's what's letter of very good

good job very good what's on number

three what is the picture don't what's

the sound starts with Linda be very good

good job baby good job last days yes

unicorn you


what's next what's next

good job out the right three hi this I

think nothing we are I use the Sun first

week this one now this I can eat for

Mama okay okay what first what's a sunny

beach what good what is being very good

what's the sound of tea what do we have

what's the word but each other know each

other right can't get back

yes but this one is different and this

one is tiny but this one is I'm not the

one trying good luck one like am hotel

Pennsylvania no one with Dracula slimy

if we say the word but like what time

think about it has each okay like this

one is but for back time okay if this

one only versus the animal the flying

creature back okay next

now wonder he might've worked because

it's already done I put it there

now if I could see what's a sonic see

very good where the sound Oh what is see





what's th exercise


























you know after we finish the book we

will answer the questions okay

first one is can you read them and you

Lena okay it's loud it is asking your

friend frog and rub rub our brothers or

friends thank their job their friends

they're good friends you go job drop

crab eat first cake and bun or bread and


what did we eat bread and waves your job

Kathy how's our dreams tea correct okay


clong is driving the bus who's driving

the bus regret next blank help Fred frog

who help red frog a all the animals in

the bus be

grab crab and Babe Ruth who helped Red

Frog Jack and yes my baby good job next

Wilfred frog dried fast after that yes

he will or no he will not drive fast


no why yes

if driving fast what is what will happen

because driving fast yes