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snow was falling from the sky and there

were sparkling snowflakes all around

they were all different and all

beautiful there were hundreds and

thousands of them but they melted in the

Sun they ended up as steam which

disappeared too how do we say that there

are no snowflakes in the sky we have a

special number that will help us meet

the number zero


spring is here snow and ice melted in

the Sun in spring rain falls from the

clouds spring rain goes away soon and

tiny raindrops end up in lakes how do we

say there are no raindrops in the sky

the number zero is there to help us

again spring is in the air and so are

the Twitter's and chatter of birds


the seagulls are relaxing in the water


the birds flew away how do we say that

there are no birds in the water the

number zero is just what we need because

zero represents absence of a thing we

use all other numbers we can see some

snowflakes raindrops birds or other

objects we use zero when there are no

objects at all


hey everybody it's me Bernie

I need to deliver this parcel to the

20th floor of this apartment building


if I take that elevator to the top of

the building I can reach the 20th floor

really fast we have to go from the first

floor all the way up to the 20th floor

help me count the floors as I go up so

that I won't miss the right one we're on

des now we are on des 3 it's the third

floor for which floor is that right by


six seven it's the seventh floor a V hey

is this the floor I'm looking for no

it's the ninth floor great counting


ten 10 11 11 well

12th floor which floor are we on now

right it's the 13th floor 14

14th floor 15 15 16 16 floor maybe this

is the 20th floor

no it's the 17 18 19 19

is this the 20th floor all right we did

it we are on the 20th floor and I can

deliver the parcel thanks for helping me

count the floors bye-bye


hi there I'm Chloe

and these are my shiny chicken eggs will

you help me count the little chicks as

the egg is hatch you will race one

here's one chick too now we have two

three there are three little chicks now


all together I've got five cute little


again thanks for helping me count my

little chips


hi guys I'm Michael and this is my

friend Bali Bali and I'd love to take a

walk during our walks a lot of

interesting things happen maybe today

something fun we come up to we need good

weather for a walk there are lots of

clouds today they cover the Sun often

how many is spots sky is so huge it's

hard to get and how many colorful dots

do I have it's hard to count them - you

jump very quickly

well then let's count these stones they

lie still one two three four five Wow


it's Turtles


they are hungry let's pick a flower for

each of them Turtles love to eat flowers

hey tell us how many flowers do we need

to treat the Turtles five because there

are five Turtles one two three


Folley saw the problems how many turtles

stay on the shore and how many swim in

the water 1 2 3 1 2 3 turtles lie in the

grass and 2 turtles in the water which

number is larger there are more turtles

in the grass so I think number 3 is

larger than number 2 number 2 is not the

smallest number 1 where there's one frog

and there are 2 turtles they have more

fun than the lonely frog the Frog wasn't

bored for long now there's a whole crowd

of frogs here right now there are more

frogs than turtles in the stream because

there are four frogs and only two

turtles number 4 is larger than number 2

and what if we compare all the turtles

and all the frogs who will be more there

are more Turtles there are 5 of them and

there are just four frogs number 5 is



it's time to go home tomorrow will bring

a new day and new interesting stories hi

guys hey everybody I'm Matt and these

are my friends Charlotte Andy Zooey and

little Benny we have our birthday today

what better way to celebrate a birthday

than with a sweet cake and a few candles

oh my

somebody's mixed up our cakes can you

find a right cake for each of us

I'm one year old today

so my coot has one candle on can you see

any cakes with one candle

right this is my birthday king

I'm true today so my birthday cake has

haunted handles two candles where is the

cake with two candles here it is I'm

three today so there are how many

crackles on my cake to me and my cake is


this wood I poured it in can you see it

cake with for sparkling candles on it

right this is my cake I'm five today and

a cake with five candles is this one

we've got our birthday cakes and we're

ready for our birthday party

everybody shout


hi I'm Chloe and I'm in big trouble

I've lost my five little chickens will

you help me find and count my lost


you will great hmm I wonder where my

chicks could be hiding maybe behind

those bushes

great count with me

we've found one little chick see any

more chickens right there's one in the

grass that too well done and behind that

far away tree we've got


three little chickens now great job

let's go have a peek behind that big

stone that's war and the littlest chick

is right in the flowerbed great


five little chicks all together let's

count again and said everybody count

with me


great job bye-bye


hi there I'm Toby can you see those

sweet juicy apples I'm gonna count them

to write the numbers on the boxes do you

want help me count the apples and write

the numbers great now everybody count

the apples and say the numbers there's

one Apple in this box

great let's write the number one here

now count the apples in this box

we've got

two apples here right and here's the

number two there are three apples in

this box good job let's write the number

three how many apples have we got here

four great you're really good at

counting apples and this is the number

four and here we've got five apples

fantastic let's write the number five

let's have a look at the boxes again and

check our numbers this is the number one

two three four five we've done a great

job together but by


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