Top 10 Food to increase weight in children I Weight Gain Tips for your underweight Child I

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if you are a mom and struggling with the

weight issues of your child then this

video is definitely for you hello

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start I would like to recommend if you

think your child is underweight first of

all please consult your doctor let's

discuss 10 food items that are great for

weight gain among children and also for

adults if you are too skinny

and want to gain a little bit of weight

these food items are great and the best

part these are easily available in your

kitchen and making any recipe out of it

is not at all time consuming nuts are

very healthy for your kids especially

when it comes to weight gain for

toddlers you can make powder of nuts and

mix it with their milk porridge pancakes

chapati dough or smoothie just

experiment mixing it with all kinds of

food that they love easy you can use

almond cashew nut peanut walnut they are

very very nutritious doctors generally

recommend not to give nuts to babies who

are less than one year old dry fruits

like raisins dates and report features

contains a very healthy fat which helps

in adding those extra kgs to your

toddler's bait again you can mix these

dry fruits to pancake milk smoothies

milkshakes as an alternative to sugar

daily products like whole milk full fat

yogurt cheese paneer butter a great for

healthy weight gain for picky eaters

especially this time of the season when

it's so hot you can make lasse ice cream

even Lonnie's out of whole milk and

frozen yogurt specially if you're a

vegetarian use soya milk tofu soya beans

in your child's diet to increase their

feet for picky eaters you can just

experiment and try making nuggets

vegetable nugget in which you just use

potatoes and mix it with tofu and soya

beans and mix little bit of tomato sauce

witches all-time favorite part kids some

top bait gaining grains our chickpea

brown rice whole wheat and Roger you can

make Kittery chickpea patties or Rocky

dosa and even whole wheat pancake to

make it more interesting for your child

we all know how healthy dal is which is

a great source of iron protein and

vitamin you can specially make mix dal

soup or mix dal khichdi by using your

adult or doll and manga also making

dolls those south would be an

interesting option for your picky eaters

if you are a non-vegetarian make sure

you give egg to your child every day

other non vegetarian food which are

great for weight gain our plant meat

chicken and fish

specially tuna vegetables like potatoes

and sweet potatoes are great for adding

those extra pounds to your toddler's

weight and the best part mostly kids

love potatoes you can make cheesy mashed

potato vegetable to keep potato tikki

and even sweet potato chips or sweet

potatoes soya

tikki can be an interesting option

that's an oil like extra virgin coconut

oil olive oil peanut oil are great for

weight gain try to make your toddler's

food by using these kind of oil to make

it super healthy fruits like banana

mangoes and chiku are great for weight

gain and the best part mostly kids love

banana and mangos and you can also do

lots of experiment by mixing these

fruits and whole milk and frozen yogurt

especially this time of the season you

can make mango ice cream banana ice

cream mango lollies mango lassi banana

shake lots of different options before I

end few tips to make sure your child is

eating good avoid giving them water at

least half an hour before their meal

times so that they feel hungry when you

serve them the food and they eat it well

try to get 5 small meals throughout the

day and don't keep much gap between two

meals don't force-feed try to play and

distract if your child is a fussy eater

but trust me force feeding is just not

going to help hope this video helps you

to increase the weight of your child and

trust me this is not going to happen

overnight being a mother

we generally recount whenever it comes

to weight and health of our child but

please be patient and try to increase

the weight for your child in a very

healthier manner if you have any tips

for the weight gain among children

please comment down below and also if

you want me to make any other parenting

tips kind of videos please let me know

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