Help a 4 year old focus for remote learning this school year

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okay i'm doing i'm just going to show

like what I do with she said it has not

hidden after she met at who I work this

is the book that I've used with a low

what I usually do is I take notes on

each of the questions because my goal is

for her to not just know the right

answer and be able to pick out the right

answer but be able to explain why it's

right and also a lot the other answers

are wrong so in the process what's

happening is that she isn't just

learning one concept but she's learning

for so that's how I use the book so

because of that we don't do a lot of

questions and also because of our age we

don't do a lot of questions at a time

because it questioned us take a couple

minutes to go over so ever can you come

and do this one come just coming to the

first but she hasn't had a mansion she

may not cooperate so maybe I just go

through how I what I would do with her

if she weren't were to collaborate so

the first question is like which picture

shows it at so I'll ask her the

questions and then I'll ask her to point

to the answer and so when she points to

the day I'll ask her why is this

adaptive and then i'm looking for to say

either it's a circle or it's a sphere

because she knows the difference she

knows those two shapes and i'm also

looking for her to be able to identify

that their curved lines and that there's

no straight lines here and then i'll

answer why is this not a time and she

has a room for some of her answers and

she'll say oh this is a star how do you

know it's a star because it is you know

a diagonal of multiple diagonal lines it

has some point some angles

corners and their five points five

corners and there are no curve buns so

then I last rule applies is not a dad

it's usually answers with the shape she

may not say all the lines that I saw

have to kind of push her to say that why

is this ass not a dad and she'll say

it's rectangle so what do you know about

a rectangle and then i'm looking for to

say as four lines or four sides four

corners or angles where the allowed to

be so the corner or the angle is whether

the last connector what i mean and then

i'll answer about this when she has

struggled she struggles with the

difference between the polygons so she

usually will rely on octagon valley

explain the difference between an

octagon and hexagons and a pentagon but

i'll ask your wise it's not a dad just

should usually say octagon but the next

one is a hexagon why is it not at that

again i'm looking for to say the number

of sides to count the sides and also to

count the points or the corners or the

ankles so that's like how we will do

that and then live on the house they

kind of make the notes on each one so

with the alphabet she learned her

alphabets very quickly and we didn't

truly focus on the line so this part I

have to spend a lot of time with the

left and the lines and angles those are

the lines in the end of carbs so I'll

ask her you know which one closely

resemble coming up coming right but can

you point to the lower casing which one

mostly looks like a lowercase a can you

point to it good why does it was like a

lowercase today so this part I have to

kind of teacher because she can see it

by sight but the explain the lines

and the curves she hasn't focused as

much on so I'll go through each one so

yes this is this most closely resembles

the lowercase a because it has a

vertical line and a curve line that's

close to it why is this one not a

lowercase a because there's a horizontal

line and the lower case a has no

horizontal line it also has a portion of

a curve but that herb is in the wrong

place and it doesn't know when I'll ask

her about this one she wants to own it

looks like a page why is it not a little

just because there are two vertical

lines they don't connect and then there

is a portion of our line that it's in

the wrong place then I'll ask her about

d why is he not correct with a slash I

reckon she was pinched i'm looking for a

sec she may not always say there's no

vertical line and there are two her

lines and that this one is in the right

place the one on the left is in the

right place with the one on the right it

does not belong so I'm trying to build

her language with lines and Google's

position know when we're going through

this because she learned her sight words

having her her alphabet my site without

and so much with the lines she just kind

of knows what it looks like so and now

I'm backtracking and trying to help her

to understand how the alphabet is

constructed so she can kind of identify

this so then with the shapes cool so the

shapes overheard was a new word for her

so I'm when I explained oval or ovoid

she was able to get this answer correct

that I'm asking her what are these other

shapes this one she might say it was a

rectangle um and so with with oval i'm

looking for a sec it sound like a

squished in circle or an aryl circle and

it's curved just like a circle it's it's

it's a different shape in a circle it's

more stretched out more narrow

and I'll ask her why is this not and

void or oval and she'll say you know

rectangle she was pretty good with her

shades and it's starting to get better

with the three shapes and then I'll ask

her to do the lines like before and the

same with the square this this she might

say is a circle even though she's

learning what his sphere is so I asked

her to let look at the shadow so the

shadow and hit a look at look at the

page hey but can you point to the sphere

on the page newsies feared so she's

starting to understand the difference

between a circle in a sphere that it

scares alone and anything similar with

these other other shapes as well she

started she's starting to identify the

3d shapes better so the council with

these are the numbers I think the

numbers are the same as the letters in

terms of identifying the angles and

things like that I think the difference

with this is that they were more like

slowly lines so I try to use vocabulary

to explain what these lines are so like

for example with the 13 you know i might

say this is it's not really a jacket

line but maybe like a squiggle ela and

then for this i'll go over top middle

back so even though this is not in the

shape of green then I want her to scribe

the line so there are three lines on top

of each other which one is on tap this

one's own pad which one is in the middle

this is in the middle which one is on

the back this one is on the bath so

she's still even though it's not a

theory she's learning like positions and

then the same luck with this one this is

not a 13 because it doesn't have a

vertical line it has two per month

either side so I wanted to be upset on

either side of this diagonal one or two

you know they're occur lines so again

how I focusing on position

and if anywhere this is like a jagged

lines I was her 61 I was caster

identified bag so again so it doesn't we

don't go through very quickly and hex a

lot of elders because we're doing we're

focusing on each answer not just the

right answer so the tally marks she her

one-to-one correspondence is getting

with it's getting better so she can if

she's able to focus and she can count

batali marks this is really counting for

her and then identify with Sally yes so

can you a bikini points to the one that

has one tally mark which one has one

very good how do you know it's mine okay

right so this one is too so this is not

one so you count it right use your

counting skills and you identify which

one is the one and you say this is 2 and

this is 3 but you have to count each one

and make sure that that you could have

the right the right answer so kind of

show getting her to slow down and not

just making up a number in her here but

actually like you know counting each

line I think it is healthier with the

tally marks and then with the downloads

because we are supplying gangs that

involved nice and she loves dies then

certainly up to I say maybe up to 10

she's really good and if it's above you

know Levin's phone she has a slow banjo

but she's pretty much able to identify

this so what I'm trying to do here is I

selected for example question says which

picture shows one day so it would be

this one but I wonder also to be able to

say there's no doubt here so there's two

you know there's a domino there's two

spaces or two places where dots will be

but there's a month a dot only in one

one place and then here for example if

there are two dats what the questions


which one shows too wow I want her to be

able to identify where the data is

there's one on each on each side and the

same here there's two here there's not

here or there's nothing either side so

yeah I like try to focus on position

vocabulary and not just the correct

answer sometimes even if I get in any

other movies those are the shapes all

those naps i think i have opened

outbursts and in the tally mark so there

are other other things decadent but the

bottom line what I'm trying to do is to

use the questions each option as a

teachable moment so that you can learn

from each option even if it's not a

correct answer because I wanted to be

able to discriminate why signing is

right and not just oh I got it right

wisely explain it tell me more about

that's what I'm trying to offer any of

them convinced on this one so that's

what I'm focused