First Aid Tips : How to Treat Second & Third-Degree Burns

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You know at some point in life all of us will incur some type of burn injury. Hi, I'm Captain

Joe Bruni and what I'm going to discuss is how to treat the second and third degree burn

injury. Second degree involves a blistering of the skin. Third degree involves charring

or blackening of the skin. With either type of burn injury, second or third degree, the

first thing is to cool the burn injury with some type of clean cotton or other type synthetic

material soaked in water that can be placed over the burn injury site, and cool the area

down to help reduce pain and swelling. After about ten to fifteen minutes of reducing pain

and swelling through the cooling method, some type of sterile dressing should be applied

to the burn area. If a sterile dressing is not readily available from a first aid kit,

some type of clean cloth material should be used over the burn site injury. The sterile

dressing is always the best option to place over the burn injury and then tape that clean

dressing down and then wrap with some type of gauze material to help keep the area as

clean as possible. Burn injuries are never a fun experience to have, but with the proper

steps and actions, the chances of infection can be greatly reduced. Also, with second

and third degree burn injuries of significant size, the person should be taken to the local

emergency department for medical, further medical treatment. I'm Captain Joe Bruni,

stay safe and we'll see you next time.