When is Emergency Treatment Needed for Burns?

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how can you tell when you need to go to

the ER for burns

it depends on a few different factors

first where is the burn located get

medical attention for burns involving

the hands face or genitals because the

risk of infection in these areas is high

if the burn is greater than say two

inches in diameter it should also be

looked at chemical burns from cleaners

or solvents and all elderly and infant

burn victims should always be evaluated

as four degrees a first degree burn or

the least serious kind of burn is

usually read with some pain and swelling

kind of like a sunburn

barring any of these other factors

rinsing with cool water is usually

enough to take care of it blistering is

a sign of a second-degree burn or

partial thickness burn now never break a


if the blister is large you may need to

have a doctor drain it and if it's

seeping pus you may need antibiotics

otherwise if the second-degree burn is

small enough you may just be able to

treat the discomfort with some

over-the-counter burn salve now

third-degree burns are different they're

painless because they kill the nerves in

the skin the skin will look leathery and

dry and can be white brown or gray these

require immediate medical attention all

burns should be taken seriously so if

you're still not sure what to do call

your doctor or go to the emergency room

from Harvard I wish you good health