What Are Night Terrors? How Can I Help My Child with their Night Terrors?

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night terrors are very common they

usually start around the second year of

life and they can linger until

school-age night air is a very specific

phenomenon that happens at night usually

happens after an hour to after the child

fell asleep you'll wake up and cry

scream sometimes be aggressive sometimes

look like he's fearful it looks almost

like he's in a movie and he's involved

in some stressful events these episodes

can last from five minutes to 45 50

minutes and it at the end the child will

fall right back to sleep and continue

his night sleep in the morning the child

will not remember what happened again

because he was completely asleep during

that episode the problem with the night

terrors is usually the anxiety that it

built in parents so if you know that

these episodes are normal and will

probably will go away with age it will

help you deal with it better what we

recommend is during an episode do not

wake up the child it's not going to be

helpful for him because he's going to

wake up anxious even more because you

wouldn't know what happened to him just

let the kid go through the episode and

fall back to sleep if your child has

multiple episodes of night terrors at

night or in a week that can signal a

signal privation or being tired if your

child had many episodes of Schlichter

you should look at the sleep schedule

and make sure your child gets enough

hour of sleep at night sometimes it can

indicate that there's another condition

that interferes with a child's sleep

like obstructive sleep apnea Traktor

sleep apnea fragments the sleep and

interfere with the quality of sleep if

your child has one or two episodes a

week it's probably normal but if you do

not see any reason for your child to

have that many episodes talk about it

with your pediatrician and think about

the world