How is ADHD in children tested and treated?

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this is a condition which is known as

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

we also sometimes speak of ad D which is

attention deficit disorder

if the hyperactivity is less of a

feature we regard it as a spectrum so

this can range from the child who is an

extreme daydreamer and loses focus and

concentration right through to the very

hyperactive hyperactive and very

impulsive child who just simply doesn't

have breaks in medicine we often like to

confirm a diagnosis by doing a blood

test or an x-ray or some other

investigation but with ADHD the

diagnosis is actually made on history so

the history starts at a very young age

most people are actually born with this

problem and then later on we rely on

reports from primary school teachers

nursery school teachers and also from

the parents sometimes we get information

from therapists occupational therapists

or speech therapists this is often

presented either in the form of a verbal

history or in the form of a written

history where we make use of range of

questionnaires and probably the best

known one is the Conners questionnaire

which explores activity within a group

activity as an individual and then also

the response of a child's peers it's

very important to have a to have a

holistic approach in other words the

diagnosis should be 100% correct there

should be an opportunity to explore

therapies of any kind whatever is

necessary speech therapy occupational

therapy sometimes psychotherapy and only

once all the options and the

comorbidities have been explored then

one might have to resort to a

combination of medication

whatever else is required