How can I help my 3 month old who has a cold, and is fussy when laying down?

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you mentioned that you have a

three-month-old who's showing signs of

the cold and because she's only 3 months

old that we'd be best to call your

pediatricians office and and tell them

about your observations and they can

decide a further investigation or

treatment is warranted she's still very

young and very fragile when it comes to

getting sick and so we treat things more

aggressively when babies are 3 months

and younger especially if she's running

a fever are having a harsh cough or

difficulty breathing not eating well

those are all things you'd want to watch

out for now you also mentioned your

little girls fussiness that she doesn't

like to lay down as she's inconsolable

for about 10 or 15 minutes if you lay

down flat and this can be due to a

couple of different things number one

the older babies get the more alert they

are and so if you lay them down and they

don't like it because they wanted to see

what was going on they usually cry so it

could just be as simple as that but

sometimes it can be due to something

like reflux where when she's laid down

especially after her feeding the milk

starts to come back up her throat and

the stomach contents can burn and cause

her discomfort so again another good

thing to talk with your pediatrician

about if you have any other questions

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