Get your baby to sleep through the night! (WITHOUT Crying it out!)

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hey freeze ation Jordan page with punchy

for free calm here and today I'm gonna

teach you how to get your baby to sleep

through the night oh yes I have oh yes

we are you were looking at baby number

six that I birthed myself so I've been

around the block a few times we've had

lots of babies and most of them are

about 18 months apart or less so we've

had our fair share of sleepless nights

and long days one of the top questions I

get whenever I have a baby is how do you

get your babies to sleep so well cuz

it's true my babies are pretty good

sleepers so while I'm sitting here

putting my own baby to sleep I thought

I'd just share with you some of my best

tips for getting your baby to sleep

through the night as well what do you

say buddy should we just get on with it

let's do it I'm going to start off with

the most important tip if you walk away

with nothing else from this entire video

please remember this eat awake then

sleep one of the mistakes that a lot of

times we make as moms especially with

cute brand-new babies is to nurse them

or bottle feed them and they fall asleep

while they're eating and it's so sweet

and cuddly and snuggly but then weird

they're up thirty minutes later or 45

minutes later and they're just not

sleeping well it is very important that

no matter how old your baby is that

after they eat that they're awake even

if only for a few minutes for those

newborns but for the bigger babies but

they should be awake as long as they can

be before they go to sleep there's a few

reasons for this number one they've got

to work out all those bubbles all those

Wiggles and hopefully fill their diaper

the more they get out of their system

the longer they're going to sleep and

this goes especially for the last

feeding of the night before their long

stretch beat them nurse them lay them

out on a blanket hold them play

with them interact as long as you can

until they can't take it anymore and

then curl them up and put them to sleep

and trust me they will sleep so much

longer that way the one exception to

that rule are any middle of the night

feedings the best way to train your baby

especially your newborn that day is day

and night is night because I don't know

if you know this but when they're born

they get it flipped around and they're

usually up all night in a sleep during

the day after you feed them you put them

right back to sleep don't get them up

don't turn on lights don't play with

them but then during the day as you're

feeding them during their awake time be

sure to open all the windows turn on the

lights have music playing make it noisy

make it loud and in no time they'll

learn the difference another tip is to

be aware of the time I recommend wearing

a watch at all times when you've got a

baby because sometimes you just lose

track let's be honest we're a little

sleep deprived or in some cases a lot

sleep-deprived depending on the age of

baby but your baby should be eating

about every three hours what you need to

do is look at the clock note the time

that you're feeding them and give them a

full feeding no snack feedings given the

full feeding and then if it hasn't quite

been three hours yet you can guess that

they're probably not hungry there must

be something else to it maybe it's a

bubble maybe they're teething whatever

it is so just watch the time and it

really helps you to get in tune with

your baby and what their needs are and

not always run to feeding them every

time they start getting a little fussy

which can totally throw off their sleepy

schedule my next tip is that routine is

key when getting your baby to become a

good sleeper and this goes for all your

kids not just your babies on up to

teenagers okay get in a routine what my

routine is for my babies is we get them

in the tub no matter what sometimes it's

a quick tub not even with soap or

anything just nice warm water let them

play let them splash get them nice and

clean we get them out of the tub we give

them a nice rubdown kind of like a

little baby massage with some lotion put

on a clean diaper put on some nice more

jammies it becomes routine it becomes

this Pavlov's dogs scenario where their

body actually responds to this nighttime

routine and it starts to make them

sleepy so get a new routine and before

you know it the night time comes they'll

know what to do my next tip is one that

may be a little unconventional but it's

to make it noisy as you can tell my

babies are used to sleeping through

noise and that's one of the best tips I

can give any new mom out there

especially keep the house quiet

don't put the sign on the doorbell don't

be afraid to vacuum keep the TV on keep

the conversation going and what I like

to do is I keep a white noise machine

not only in my baby's room but in all of

my kids rooms so that they just get used

to sleeping with noise but what you have

to consider - about newborns is in the

womb it is actually really noisy they're

hearing the huge issue of blood passing

by of your heart pumping they're hearing

your voice they're here and you breathe

they're here and all the same noises you

are in the outside world so for them to

go from this noisy environment to

suddenly a quiet one can actually make

them a little bit uncomfortable so white

noise is very soothing to them and then

noise in general will help them become a

good sleeper and not wake up every time

you hear something my next tip is to

swaddle your baby I'm gonna catch myself

on this because I have said the same

thing but a lot of moms will say oh but

my baby doesn't like to be swap here's

what you have to understand about their

bodies when they are very young like

three months old or or less typically

their bodies have these reflexes there's

actually a name for it I can't remember

it so I'll pop it up on the screen here

when their arms are exposed they

actually jolt out and can jolt

themselves awake it's kind of like a

refund not only is it soothing to them

because it reminds them of the womb when

their arms are tucked in snug and tight

but it actually keeps them asleep longer

because then their arms are not having

this natural reaction that newborns have

that will

they might fight you on the swaddling a

little bit they may try to pull out of

it but they also don't really know how

to fight those reflexes so again

just trust their instincts keep their

arms in tight and they will sleep in

longer another tip is to put your baby

down to bed when they're sleepy but

still awake this is important because

otherwise your baby especially as they

get older will get in the habit of only

being able to fall asleep fully in your

arms and that is a habit trust me mamas

that is really hard to break and is

really hard to do especially once you

have more than one baby

swaddle them up tight put them down in

their bed all nice and snug and warm

when they're sleepy but still awake and

then walk away and let them fall asleep

on their own accord

another tip with laying them down to

sleep is to remember to rotate their

necks when they're super little they may

start to favor one side or another and

it'll stretch their muscles more

it's called portcullis but you want to

avoid that and you also want to avoid

the flat head so when you lay them down

turn their necks this way one time this

way the next time I actually like to

wear a little wristband or a hair tie on

virus that reminds me which side I laid

them down on first also this goes for

nursing that you want to remember that

if you started nursing on the right side

that you want to start on the left side

next time nobody wants lopsided girls if

you know what I'm saying

so that same bracelet can kind of work

as a reminder for both let's talk about

sleeping in car seats for a second as

you've probably read on your warning

labels or maybe your doctor's told you

it really is not the best for your baby

to sleep in car seat and sometimes it

can be downright unsafe keep that in

mind I do not recommend letting your

baby sleep in the car seat outside of

driving in the car but that being said

there are times where you obviously have

to be in the car with your baby in a car

seat and it would be nice if they were

asleep if your baby hates the car seat

and will not sleep in it my trick is to

put them in the car seat get them all

nice and snug but then take a small

blanket or a swaddling blanket and just

kind of tuck their arms in next to them

along their sides after they've been

buckled properly and then

as you have them in the car seat while

you're driving it keeps them snug and

swaddled like you would in their bed and

they will sleep so much better and be so

much happier in their car seat now it's

the middle of the night your baby's been

sleeping but they wake up for their

middle of the night my tip for you to

keep them asleep and not let them wake

up too much is number one try to just

keep a little nightlight by your bed if

you cancel it you don't have to turn on

a lamp or an overhead light which will

wake the baby up number two as you're

nursing them or bottle feeding them let

them get halfway through their feeding

and then change their diaper don't

change their diaper at the very end you

do want to change their diaper because

otherwise they won't sleep as long in

the morning even if it's only wet

they'll just get too full it's

uncomfortable so change it halfway

through why because let me tell you what

those wet wipes get cold I don't know

about you but if I was asleep and

someone took an ice cold wet wipe to my


well we would wake via bully so keep

that in mind change them halfway through

and then when they go back to finish

their feeding they get nice and sleepy

and fall right asleep which is okay

remember you don't want a wave time in

the middle of the night there are things

like wipes warmers that you can try I've

tried them they worked okay but it's

still the general rule I always teach my

baby tip is my super secret mom holds

that took me six kids to perfect I think

I finally got it down well call the

Jordy hold how about that but when

you're trying to get a baby to sleep

especially a baby that's a little fussy

maybe has a rumbly tummy here's the best

hold for that have your baby's flat

across your stomach with their face kind

of into your bicep that their nose is

still exposed and they can still breathe

of course but it kind of closes their

eyes for them and then you put your arm

in between those legs and Pat is back

like this and then rock so the motion of

the rocking the light padding on the bag

the pressure on his tummy my side

holding in the binky and then my biceps

kind of keeping his eyes closed but put

this baby to sleep in no time

and last but not least the tip that you

should all remember is to sleep when

babies please there you go those are my

tips for getting your baby to sleep

through the night

EEP in mind that every baby is different

usually when your baby's about 10 pounds

is when they're big enough to start

sleeping for longer stretches but before

you take my advice or anybody else's

please consult your doctor hopefully

those tips help you and I know they've

helped me with my six babies if you like

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I'm going to take my own advice and

since this guy's sleeping I'm gonna go

take a nap I will talk to you guys later