Expert secrets on how to get your baby to sleep through the night

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now to a problem all of us parents have

faced at some point how do you get your

baby to sleep and gender you've got

little baby miles at home and this is

something that you struggle with so you

went to the expert you got advice from

the baby sleep boss it's a real thing

because I needed it yes my first son

Adrian he slept through the night no

problem then baby miles came along and

he did not so we were up two to three

times a night and I know a lot of you

new parents have been there but here

this my kid is now sleeping 11 hours

straight and it was actually pretty easy

I love playing with my son Adrian and

Miles during the day but at night my

home was becoming a nightmare baby miles

wasn't sleeping through the night so

neither was I welcome to a typical night

at my house it's 2:40 a.m. I have to be

up and about an hour and missing any

sleep is difficult and we're missing it

I shared my struggles online hoping

somebody had an answer reaching out the

help sleep coach Dana Obama's there are

steps you can take to fix the situation

I believe that once you teach a child to

sleep well it is the benefit to the

entire family she's known as the baby

sleep boss I'm just at a loss right now

as to what to do next and I feel like I

am not alone that's right save us I will

I will save you cuz we're about to fall


mid interview we're so tired Dana

outlines her three-step plan number one

closely monitor what he eats we should

be able to get everything he needs in

that 12 hours of day next make sure he's

getting enough daytime sleep well it's

great to have a little nap routine and

finally get rid of the props that baby's

off the news to help go to sleep most

commonly it's breast feeding to sleep or

bottle feeding to sleep for miles

it's his bottle and then he's going to

have a wake up in the night and

wondering how do I do this without that

help and need somebody to come in baby

sleep boss telling us for night one give

him half of what he usually gets for his

2:30 a.m. wake up then take the bottle

away completely on night 2

gonna be tough what here you move it I

do all this stuff

her advice for miles is cries for the

bottle so I would just go in every ten


you know you can touch him and you can

just repeat that process every 10

minutes until he's asleep night one of

sleep training after miles is bedtime

bottle I follow Dana's advice and read

him a book to try to break up his

association with the bottle and sleep

but later no I have to sit here in my

room and check on him every 10 minutes I

feel guilty but I know this has to

happen again I followed Dana's advice

waiting to go in to give miles his


he actually soothes himself and falls

back asleep without it and when I

checked him with Dana the next morning

sometimes we get off easy on night one

and night two ends up being the harder

night night to 343 a.m. I had to go in

to soothe him that just seems to make

him angrier Ben tries to he's been up

for almost 45 minutes and about a half

hour of pretty intense screaming time to

check in again with the baby sleep boss

but he's made it two nights in a row now

with no bottle so that should be the

worst of it night 3 miles stirs a little

at the usual time but he falls back


a total of 11 hours Dana warns there can

be a regression on night 5 but miles

keep sleeping 11 hours a night

soothing himself back even if he wakes

up this is pretty exciting hmm I slept

through the night thank you


Peter report miles is still sleeping

that 11 hours a night a study though was

recently released about kids saying that

they you know they all vary so babies

vary but this just works for our family

other families have different routines

that work for them I want to put that

out there also I've been working with

Dana cuz he does sleep 11 hours it's

just it starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 5

a.m. so we're gonna move that back and

there are tips that she has funny you

and I had my kid that's it but it must

feel good though for you guys to hit

these milestones but at the same time

there can be setbacks a solution

training so anytime daytime daylight

saving time there are little things you

can do when they're sick when they're

crawling milestones but there are little

tips that Dana's got so check her out

all right get some sleep ginger well hey

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