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hi guys welcome back to my channel and

welcome back to another video today's

video is going to be coves bedtime

routine and if you are new to my channel

Cove is my baby boy he is 15 weeks old

now I am a mom of two boys I also have a

son at Milan who is very nearly 9 which

even saying that is crazy to have a 9

year old can't believe it but I am going

to be sharing his bedtime routine

because this has been a game changer so

I just wanted to run through a couple of

little disclaimers before I get into the

routine because I know I've titled the

video how to get your baby to sleep

through the night

and I am just gonna say I'm not a

pediatrician I'm not a sleep expert I am

NOT any kind of baby expert I am a mom

who has experience with my eldest son

who now has experience with a second

baby and I am just telling you what has

worked for us was worked for our family

and what has worked for my baby I'm not

saying that this is going to work for

you it's definitely trial and error and

I think there's definitely certain

elements of what I'm going to say that I

think will work for everyone and I think

our key when it comes to having a

structured bedtime routine and the

importance of that but I'm not saying

that all of the elements of what we do

will work for you and your family you

obviously have to find your own stride

your own schedule and their own your own

you know things that work for you but

all I can say is that my son was not

sleeping through at all until 12 weeks

as soon as we started this bedtime


he went from waking up every two to

three hours through the night - not at

all - sleeping 7 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. I

classified as sleeping through the night

that was a good solid 10 hours and we've

had a couple of hiccups since we started

it through him being a little bit ill

and having a cold and him going through

a bit of a sleep progression but he goes

straight back after that so you know he

goes straight back to sleeping through

and it's all down to this bedtime

routine because that's the only thing we

changed I'm two days into this bedtime

routine he slept through so that is why

I'm sharing it with you guys hopefully

it will help you or some elements of it

will help you to get your baby to sleep

through the night another thing I'll

just quickly say is that he's

formula-fed so if you have a breastfed

baby I don't know if that will be

different I don't know but I just feel

like I need to say what his situation is

and he is formula-fed so the reason that

I think a bedtime routine is so

important and a couple of things that I

think will be life-changing for everyone

and will work for everyone

are having structure and consistency I

found this with my eldest son and I

learnt kind of what to do or what not to

do and I have to say that from eight

weeks old my eldest son was sleeping

through because we have a strict almost

regimented bedtime routine and babies

and children crave structure they need

that in their life and if they have that

they are they're more likely to stick to

those routines and I just think it's so

beneficial for them and my son has got

my oldest son has gone from 2 months old

to now nearly 9 having a strict bedtime

routine it's evolved over the years and

changed but the same concept applies

structure consistency and we have never

ever had an issue with my son having a

tantrum and not wanting to go to bed

we've never had issues with him not just

literally at a certain time getting up

going in having a bath or a shower he

knows when his bedtime routine is he has

done for years and it works he slept

through from 8 weeks and I applied the

same kind of thing with my baby now so

if you are thinking of implementing a

bedtime routine if you're thinking of

trying this one or you're thinking of

doing your own bedtime routine that fits

in with you and your family then what I

will say is be consistent if you do it

for two or three nights and then you

think oh I've got to go out you know

I've got to take the kids out cuz we're

going out for a meal late I'm going to

keep them out late the following night

it's not going to work you have to be

consistent and you might be thinking oh

well you know that means changing our

routine and changing our lives for that

routine yes it does 100% and that's what

I will do so I will not be taking my

baby out past 6 o'clock when his around

that time when his routine starts I just

won't and we will work our lives around

his routine so we were having dinner a

lot later in the evenings when we were a

family of three that has changed now I

move everything backwards we have dinner

earlier and the bedtime routine starts

when it needs to start and that is the

kind of mindset you need to have you

need to be so consist

I feel like I can't shout that from the

rooftops enough because it's so

important and you need to make sure

you're doing the same sequence of steps

every night because babies learn from

that they develop from that they they

kind of get to understand the you know

what's coming what's coming next what

the next steps going to be and then they

kind of think oh okay I know that it

goes this this is this and then I go to

sleep and that is honestly how they

think so our bedtime routine starts at

6:15 sharp every night I will run or my

husband will run

koves bath and will come upstairs and

that's kind of the time that my eldest

son knows as well there's no shouting

there's no being hyper and crazy you can

do that before 6:15 but when 6:15 hits

it is chilled quiet time I put him in

our bedroom on our bed and I undress him

with a very soft like side light on no

main lights are on and you might think

these are just ridiculous details they

are important details I think because

they all help to have this bedtime

routine so when I've undressed him he

obviously goes in the bath and we have

just a really fun little time in the

bath and I know he's had such a positive

reaction to this routine because he can

be in quite a bad mood he can be a bit

ratty he can be tired or you know a

little bit not himself and crying or

whatever and as soon as that 6:15 hits

and I undress him in with that side

light on he knows right I'm going in the

bath I can wind down now and he just

starts smiling because he loves his back

time I also have in the bath I use a

specific baby bath product and it has to

be like the bedtime bath range either

from Johnsons or Astor's are a great one

and it has chamomile and lavender in it

so the idea is that that scent kind of

calms them and gets them ready for bed

whether it works or not I don't know but

if it ain't broke don't fix it and I'm

not going to change it because it is

working for us so we put some of that in

his bath for the bubbles and at 6:30 he

will come out of the bath around 6:30

like it will take a minute or two he

will come out the bath I will get him

dry again with the side light on and I

was kind of lower my voice even more and

I'll kind of talk to him but I will not

be loud then one

he's dry I will pop on some maybe

massage mist I got this product from

aster again and it is brilliant it

really has that cameraman and lavender

scent it's very calming and I haven't

done a baby massage course or anything I

kind of just go with what I feel like

doing but I just kind of rub it on his

body and then I hold my hand near to his

nose and you can see him smelling it and

just visibly relaxing like you can see

that he knows he's used to that scent

and he knows he only smells that scent

when it's bedtime so once we've done his

a little massage I will get him dresses

and fresh pajamas and at this point this

is the only part of the routine that may

change from time to time he was at this

point either have a bottle but he may

have had a bottle before his bath

so I started his bedtime routine at 6:15

no matter what but in the day he's still

feeding on demand so I'm happy to do

that with him at the moment and that's

the way we do it I also think that's

important because we feed on demand he

has a bottle whenever he wants one even

if it's an every hour and a half to two

hours because he's kind of bulking up

that milk and getting as much as he

needs ready to sleep through the night

so that's the way we do it but it means

that his naps are a bit all over the

place in the day and he may have had his

last bottle at hard fall but he may have

had it at fine or he may have even had

it a quarter to six before he goes in

the bath so we would we will kind of go

by what his last bottle was if he needs

another bottle and he is do one before

bed then we will give it to him at that

point when he's had his baby massage and

I would just prop him up with his head

on a pillow and I will give him his

bottle but if he doesn't need a bottle

then we will skip that step as soon as

he has his pajamas on I turned the

lights off completely and he has a

nightlight on I swear by this nightlight

I will insert a clip of it and I will

link it in the description box below

it's from Amazon it was only like 12

pounds and we use the under the sea

scene and it's a projector light but

that honestly doesn't like stimulate him

or keep him awake he knows as soon as he

sees it that it's time to relax and he

really does it visibly relax

so we popped the nightlight on and I put

lullabies on my playing the same ones

every night from YouTube I put the same

YouTube video on on my phone

and the lullabies play out so then he

will obviously finish his bottle or if

he's not had a bottle I would just sit

there and kind of stroke his tummy a

little bit put his dummy in his mouth

and let him relax and he will usually

lie there and it takes him a while to

get to sleep so he will listen to those

lullabies and look at the lights for

sometimes 20 minutes you know and if

he's having a bottle obviously it will

be that time anyway and then around ten

to seven to seven o'clock is when he

will go to sleep I've tried to get him a

to settle himself because I think that's

definitely another important factor but

sometimes it just doesn't work so I will

rock him to sleep a little bit so it

kind of depends on what sort of mood

he's in I know if he's really tired

because I'll start shaking his head from

side to side while he's lying down

usually if he's had a bottle and then

I'll pop his dummy in and he'll start

doing that and I'll know that he will

drop off himself

so I'll transfer him into the next week

crib which has a sleepyhead in it we use

the sleepyhead that is something I swear

by we tried taking it away for a couple

of nights and he slept terribly so we

had to go back to using it so he

probably min the sleepyhead at that

point but if we need to rock him and

just kind of give him that little urge

to go to sleep we still do that he's

still young I think that's fine so we'll

do that and then transfer him into the

sleepy head and then seven o'clock he is

down he's done for the night and he will

be asleep till 5:00 in the morning so it

sounds like okay that was the most

simple bedtime routine ever but it

really is in the details all of those

different little things that I do the

night light which is so important the

lullabies everything is done in that

specific order and done at that specific

time and that is the key I don't

necessarily think it's even what we do

it's just that we do the same things

every single night and he knows he just

you can see that he knows it's time to

wind down it's time to relax and I think

that's so important so I hope you guys

enjoyed this video if you did then give

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