How To Help Baby Learn To SIT UP

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hey there it's Rachel the occupational

therapist from can-do kiddo calm and I'm

here to help you help your baby learn to

sit so one common assumption or maybe I

should say misconception is that parking

your squishy little babe in a baby seat

is sitting practice just scroll through

the hashtag Bumbo sometime on Instagram

and you'll find parent after parent

beaming with pride that their baby is

learning to sit meanwhile their little

ones photo looks something like this

eek as a development all professional it

takes everything in me to bite my tongue

or my fingers and not comment wait a few

more weeks he's not ready so let's look

at what readiness for sitting in a baby

seat looks like and discover what

sitting practice really looks like first

let's look at baby's head and back when

supported in sitting by caregivers hands

not ready for a baby seat ready not

ready ready see the difference you want

to wait until your little one sits with

full head control and a straight back

with help now that doesn't mean you

can't help your little one practice prop

sitting on a flat surface prop sitting

just means your baby will use his hands

and his little booty and his legs and

his feet to support his weight and to

balance and with your help

hands on at first and then just nearby

with a soft landing space for your babe

he'll soon graduate from prop sitting to

upright sitting so what's the big deal

with putting a baby in a seat before

she's ready the biggest risk is that it

can make slight muscle imbalances of

infancy worse so torticollis which is

one sided neck tightness in particular

but the other big deal is that time

spent in a baby seat doesn't help your

baby learn to sit in fact it hinders it

it hinders three of the biggest mini

milestones on the path to sitting the

first mini milestone is head control

babies without full upright head control

tend to find themselves in really wonky

positions in baby seats in fact

typically even their bodies are slumped

over and curved

gravity is winning no much better ways

to work on head control or by supporting

baby's body at the ribcage with your

hands and of course lots of tummy time

the next mini milestone your baby needs

to work on free of a baby seat is that

body awareness that I mentioned when

baby learns how to use his hands his

legs and his feet in addition to his

bottom to carry the weight of sitting

most of the popular baby seat Splunk

baby right down on his bum with no

chance to lean into his hands or his

legs for balance and finally your baby

needs to wobble and wobble and wobble

some more all that wobbling is precisely

how your little one learns to balance

and sitting parked in a baby seat

your baby's restricted and can't wobble

without wobbling no sitting with

wobbling comes sitting just look at that

beautiful wobbling okay I'm biased

because that's my baby and because I'm a

big child development nerd but trust me

developmentally speaking the wobble is

where it's at so hold off on the

convenience and cuteness of a baby seat

until your baby shows signs of readiness

and then if you do resort to a baby

chair use it in moderation I usually

recommend less than 30 minutes a day and

then be sure to balance it with plenty

of real sitting practice there are so

many baby seats on the market and I

definitely want to share my favorites

and my least favorites as well as some

tips for choosing a seat for your little

one but I'll save that for another video

if you want more developmental tips

about your baby and parenting resources

from a developmental expert and nerd

visit can-do kiddo calm happy playing