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Hi everybody!

I'm Melissa and welcome back to CloudMom.

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about babies and constipation.

Particularly questions about slightly older babies and I think the reason why we parents

are so concerned with this is we know that poop is really indicative of the baby's general


You can tell a lot about a baby and how much they are eating, how they’re digesting things

by their poop.

And I actually have a video about poop in the early days after having a baby.

So definitely check that one out, but this video is really more to talk about my experiences

dealing with constipation, what worked for us, what helped us, what my doctor recommended,

and if you guys have stuff that you'd like to share please weigh in the comment section

and get out there.

Okay so here it goes and I do have some notes so you have to forgive me.

So first I just a general thought.

Many parents according to my doctor freak out the second their baby doesn't make a regular

bowel movement, for example, one every day, and think that the baby is constipated.

However as my pediatrician told me and my sister-in-law who is a pediatrician, my brother

is actually a pediatrician too.

Has also told me, sometimes babies sort of save it up and and they can wait a day, two

even three days before having a bowel movement and then if what comes out of sort of soft

poop, you don't necessarily have to assume that the baby is constipated.

Definitely check with your doctor first and make sure your baby is constipated before

you start thinking about remedies for constipation.

That being said, what are the five things that worked the best for us?

And by the way, none of these are revolutionary, you’ll read about them in different places,

but these are the things that I really found to be the most effective.

And again, you’ll really want to consult with your doctor because you want to make

sure that your baby doesn't have constipation or doesn't have a more serious problem and

that the formula that you're using is not a problem or something that’s in your diet

so you do definitely want to go over this with your doctor also in addition to trying

these home remedies.

First of all switch it up.

Rice cereal, bananas, even carrots can have what they call a binding effect on the food.

Try to find fiber rich foods.

Pears, broccoli, prunes all those kinds of things, just the way they were for we adults,

are very helpful for babies when it comes to making a bowel movement.

Number two.

Some doctors will recommend giving a baby just a tiny little bit of juice.

You can try apple juice or you can try prune juice.

And again it's a very small amount just like 2 ounces and that can do the trick.

Number three and this is a really easy one cause you're probably doing it anyway on a

daily basis.

A nice, warm, soothing bath.

Baths relax us all, they sort of loosen up the muscles.

So let your baby sit a little longer in their infant bathtub and see if that's helpful.

Four massage.

You can gently massage your baby's belly and see if that loosens things up enough to allow

your baby to finally go.

And number five, you can't try bicycle legs.

Put your baby in a safe position on his or her back, take their little feet with your

hands and just do the bicycle and that can sort of loosen things up in the lower bowel

area and it can be very, very effective.

These are the remedies that are so simple, so healthy, so easy they might even already

be part of your daily routine, so this is what I would start with.

If you feel and trust your instincts as a mother that this is becoming a serious medical

situation and days and days have gone on before your baby has gone to the bathroom, definitely

reach out to your doctor, see what he or she recommends.

They might even recommend a prescription type of suppository or something else of that nature

but again, you’ll want to go over that with them.

So anyway, don't stress it all works out.

Sooner or later your baby will get on a very regular schedule.

Please be sure that it's one of these things that all new parents worry about.

Thank so much for writing into CloudMom and asking your questions on this and all other

sorts of issues.

I really, really appreciate it so much, it’s such a joy to be able to answer you guys and

I'm so grateful to you for watching my videos and I will see you next time!