Speech Delay in Toddlers

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hey guys it's Dana and I went on to the

Table Topics Facebook group and I asked

you guys what you wanted this week's

topic to be and you said speech delays


so I actually really want to talk about

speech delays with your toddler's

because we have speech delays meaning

that our twins are not speaking 50 words

or more by the age of two so we actually

had the pediatrician recommend a speech

therapist to come out and to evaluate

them to see whether or not they qualify

for some kind of speech therapy careful

because for awhile we weren't really

concerned because our older daughter who

is five is very chatty and our

pediatrician kept saying that when you

have an older child who is very

talkative sometimes it will mean that

your younger child won't speak as soon

or be as inclined to talk because your

older child will speak for them and I

kind of felt like that was situation in

our house because our daughter is so

talkative and I thought that's why you

know the twins weren't because boys in

general usually speak later and they are

focusing on one skill at a time so a lot

of times there will be a higher

prevalence of speech delays if you have

a son versus a daughter but then after

they turned 2 we started to get kind of

concerned because they weren't really

speaking at all there was just no words

so we have them evaluated and cranked

actually past they said he was fine

being qualified for extra services but

Louie did so he needed some speech

therapy and we have had a speech

therapist come out once a week to work

with him and to work with me to sort of

come up with some things to help him to

learn to express himself better and

something that I thought was interesting

was that the speech therapist told us

that any kind of sign language counts as

verbal skills so if he was doing sign

language to communicate that would sort

of count as a word so on top of you know

trying to get them to verbalize more

doing the sign language is also

something we're working on and one of

the things that she had said is to try

to say a word and say it three times and

not try to get them to talk by saying oh

say banana what can you say banana

instead you take the banana and you say

banana banana banana and you say it

three times it sort of seems obnoxious

but I've noticed that that is working

and it's helping if we're just

repetitive and we're very clear about

the words that we're using and then just

try to go with whatever activity your

child naturally does so if your child is

playing and they're involved in activity

just trying to go along with that

activity if they're sort of playing and

they're jumping or doing some kind of

ring-around-the-rosy then you would you

know all fall down down down and then

you go up up up and just try to

incorporate it into their play so it's

not something that's tedious for them

you get it yeah okay and then also if

you have a preemie

or if you have twins a lot of times

they'll talk later on as well and creamy

is obviously because they're born

prematurely so it's going to take them

longer to get to that point where

they're talking and then with twins they

said a lot of times twins communicate so

well with each other

non-verbally that they don't feel the

need to speak as much as a singleton

baby might so those are some of the

things that we are doing in our house to

help with speech delays so comment below

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