How to relieve constipation in babies - Ask A Doc | Cook Children's

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one of the most common problems that

parents come to with to us with is

constipation is not a pleasant topic but

important one and there's two kinds of

constipation zin that first year of life

the breastfed babies typically may not

have a bowel movement every day if it's

been several days since they've pooped

in there crampy the parent can take a

temperature in the bottom with Vaseline

and a thermometer and stimulate about

limit if they're actually true

constipated hard stools and that's it

more typical formula then we give them

some kind of fruit juices you can give

it separately from the formula but then

you tend to go hard to lose hard lose so

what we recommend is actually using

diluted juice to prepare the formula so

this in every Bible in every family we

refer them into the specialists and get

more concerned when there's poor weight

gain poor eating blood their schools and

there's certain indications your

physician wants you to refer you to the

specials that get more aggressive and

stuff just constipation