What's the best way to help kids with constipation?

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the best way to help kids who are

dealing with constipation is to have a

consistent approach consistency in how

often they're going to the bathroom

consistency in what they're eating

consistency in what they drink

consistency and how active they are and

a consistency in how they go to the

bathroom consistency with how often they

go really should be about once to twice

a day and having large soft easy to pass

stools consistency in what kids eat and

drink revolve around how much fluid they

get in and how much fiber they get in

for fluids different ages need different

amounts of fluid young kids need about

an ounce and a half per pound of weight

older kids only need about an ounce per

pound of weight up to a maximum about 80

ounces per day some fluids though make

it hard for us to go to the bathroom so

we got to make sure we don't have too

much 2% or whole milk in their diets for

fiber we can get fiber from a whole

bunch of sources but the question is how

much do kids need per day and the best

way to answer that is taking their age

and adding five to that number that's a

number of grams that each child needs

per day of fiber it's also a really

important for kids to be consistent with

how active they are finding ways to be

active on a daily basis for 30 to 60

minutes per day can help them have more

regular bowel movements consistency in

how kids go the bathroom is also really

important when caring for constipation

the best approach is to have kids try

and sit on the toilet for at least 10 to

20 minutes twice a day and plus any

other time that they do want to go to

the bathroom as well again the best

approach to care for constipation is a

consistent one however even with that

consistency sometimes it can be really

challenging if you're still experiencing

more challenges with your child's

constipation if your doctor are called

have more of a discussion with them in

the office