Common Cold Treatment in Children

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as a parent a doctor I know how tough it

is to see your kids sick by the end of

this video you'll learn how I've treated

my own kiddos and what I advise my

pediatric patients to do when they get

plagued with these nasty winter cold


what's up healthy people I'm dr. mashed

your youtube primary care doctor and my

lovely medical assistants and each end

let's dive in number one avoid

over-the-counter cough and cold meds for

kids less than age six studies show an

increased risk of arrhythmias miss

dosing and hospitalizations and this age

group when given these over-the-counter

treatment and they're quite ineffective

not worth the risk and most doctors who

treat kids will tell you to avoid them

despite their availability on the shelf

number two a humidifier you can use a

humidifier in the room for kids over the

age of one recall the sensation when you

actually enter into a hot shower when

your nose is stuffy the humidifier uses

the same principles but on a smaller


number three fever reducers the

exception to the rule for

over-the-counter meds for young kids

just remember that acetaminophen though

can be taken on an empty stomach

but ibuprofen must be taken with food

just pay extra attention to the written

dosing on the bottles which depends on

the weight of your child in order to

avoid accidental overdosing number four

raise the head of the bed the common

cold virus typically causes a lot of

fluid buildup in the face that fluid

tends to exit from the nasal passages

down to the back of the throat a term

that we call post nasal drip huh this

can cause a cough that awakens your

child in the middle of the night

therefore propping them up on a couple

of pillows at night may help to combat

this and allow them to catch a couple

more Z's now most viruses peak between

day three and five and significantly

improve somewhere between day seven and

ten check out my prior video on what the

typical viral course looks

so that you may be aware if something

strays out of the normal place the link

down below now if your kiddos are acting

normally even though they're sick if

they're eager to play if they're

consuming food and liquids well these

are more reassuring signs now difficulty

breathing or inability to reduce a fever

was a reason to seek the emergency room

and if it's a breathing issue that is a

9-1-1 calls

now my lovely medical assistants would

like to share their knowledgeable

experience there's where the viruses you

pop in your elbow at the cop with no

elbow you'll get a fire yeah and then

you can't go to school and then do you

wash your hands a lot too when you say

yeah so you go don't get viruses you

coughing your elbow you sneeze in your

elbow that's it don't leave it in the

air hmm now if you found the information

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season next time yeah yeah sure sure if

if their mom and dad say so or puppies