How To get my 2 year old to talk. 6 communication strategies I used to help my toddler

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hello moms and dads I am Marcella

Collier I'm going to give you six

strategies that I used with one of my

twins that took him from being sitting

on a corner not communicating I'm

blowing temper tantrums to communicating

his needs and once and using his words

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parenting life and mom life having a

dual conversation with your child so

even though they're not able to answer

back to you yet you could develop a dual

conversation with them by communicating

something to them and waiting for their

response your child is gonna be able to

know the dynamic of communication that I

listen and you talk to me and I listen

and then I talk back to you that's why I

started doing with with one of my twins

I knew he didn't answer it was okay I

will just keep building the conversation

until he eventually got the idea that

that's how conversation is done

my strategy number five is to teach your

child sign language why when they are

able to have a visual of the world they

would be able to remember it easier and

if they don't have the way to articulate

it with their mouth they could use their

hands and that's another way of

communication but ditching words such as

I'm hungry I'm tired Baba or a bathroom

those words that they would need to use

on a daily basis constantly my strategy

number four is to describe your child's

body language for example if they come

to you and they stretch arms asking you

to pick him up you could describe what

they're doing I see that you're

stretching your arms to me do you want

me to pick you up and like that they

start picking up the word for pick me up


my strategy number three is that I help

my child building his feeling literacy

feeling literacy is being able to

recognize their emotions and verbalize

him for example if his brother took a

toy from him I would describe the

feeling that he was having I see that

you're upset because your brother took

your toy and dad they are able to

identify their feelings and it prevents

a lot of temper tantrums because instead

of just feeling blowing the temper

tantrum they would be able to

communicate with you with their words

while they're feeling

my strategy number two is to introduce

phonetics and alphabet in their daily

routine you could spell the words that

they see on the store that they see on

the on the freeway and if you want to

sit down with them you don't have to

spend a lot of money I use dollar store

activities this is actually an activity

that I included in my basic bag ideas

for toddlers they can go and look

through stickers and stick their object

that starts with the letter that you

wrote here stick around because the next

one is going to be my ultimate tip I

used every day with one of my twins and

it didn't take a lot from me my strategy

number one was to describe everything

that was happening in the daily routine

the daily routine is a perfect

opportunity to build your children's

vocabulary so every time I do anything

for them I describe with detail

everything that I'm doing so if I'm

baiting them I tell them the steps of

what I'm doing if I'm brushing their

teeth the steps of what I'm doing and I

even talk about colors I haven't talked

about shapes out of these six strategies

let me know in the comments if you're

going to try one of those and which one

it is remember mom you got this

dollar store