How can I help my toddler with constipation?

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a lot of parents have concerns about

their toddlers who might be showing

signs of constipation want to know when

is it actually constipation when is it

concerning and what can you do about it

and constipation is pretty normal for

everyone at some point maybe it's

because we've changed the way we're

eating maybe it's because we've changed

our activity or we're not drinking

enough water those are definitely things

that can play into it but there are

people who have chronic issues with

constipation what you're looking for in

your child is a drastic change the

number of bowel movements they're having

like for toddlers if they're going 3 to

4 days between bowel movements and that

might be a sign although some kids may

have one or two bowel movements a day

but they're difficult to pass they're

hard and dry and maybe they bleed when

when they have bowel movements and so

those are also signs of constipation and

it's definitely worth doing something

about it to alleviate the pain and

discomfort that your child is having one

of the worst things that you can do is

avoid the issue altogether because of

especially like take a potty training

child for example or a child that's had

a traumatic experience going to the

bathroom it's going to scare them and

they won't want to go so then they hold

it and it all builds up in the colon and

collects and it gets even bigger and

even harder and more dry and and that

makes it harder to pass and so that just

makes the problem with constipation even

worse so one of the best things to try

first is increasing fluid intake and

increasing fiber intake encourage lots

of water this is for children over the

age of 1 you can give your child 4 to 6

ounces of juice each day until they seem

to be having regular bowel movements

again an apple prune and pear are best

give it with meals and wash it down with

some water and brush their teeth after

so it doesn't you know cause issues with

their teeth also bump up the fiber

content in your child's diet so a tape

rakaats prunes pears peas beans broccoli

whole grain bread cut back on things

like bananas and rice and more milk than

what's recommended children should drink

2 to 3 cups of whole milk between 1 and

2 years of age but if they're drinking a

lot that may also be contributing to

constipation give them milk with meals

and water in between when they say that

they're thirsty

if this isn't enough then you should

talk with your pediatrician and they may

recommend laxatives or medication don't

give these medications unless

recommended by your doctor though for

children who have chronic constipation

issues miralax is frequently prescribed

and studies have shown that this is

effective for children who have

constipation 95% of the time so it does

work but some parents are concerned

about it long-term effects or having to

be on it for a long time and a lot of

studies have been done on this

specifically for children who are under

24 months of age and so far we haven't

found any adverse effects with it

meaning that we can say as far as we

know it's safe but if you have more

concerns about it talk with your

pediatrician if you've already talked

with your child's doctor and they have

specific advice for you I do suggest

following that and if the remedies

they've suggested aren't helping call

them back and let them know and they'll

decide what else can be done if you have

more questions for me in the future

please feel free to ask them on our

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